Frustrated by some hunters' behavior

Dear Editor,

I really enjoy hunting season!

I really enjoy hunting season, first of all the county always tries to get our roads graded here in Chewiliken Valley before the hunters are driving over them. This year the “wash boards” were about six inches deep so it’s a challenge to drive our vehicles over them. This year they only got them partly graded so the hunters get to see what we put up with most all of the year.

On the first day of the hunting season we went to Okanogan to a soccer game and there were fresh beer cans all along the road, an empty cardboard beer case and more along with other trash thrown out for us to pick up. Besides trespassers in my alfalfa field and lots of traffic on our dirt roads — and this is only the first day. I have had fences cut, gates left open and cows shot. It is a really enjoyable time of the year.

We stopped by the local grocery store the day before hunting season opened and a group of hunters purchased six cartons of beer and five bags of ice they were putting them in their coolers in the parking lot then into their camper — guns and booze don’t mix very well in my book! Oh well, I guess time goes on.

Albert Wilson