Become your own authority

Dear Editor,

Mystics, Tarot Cards, Numerology, Taoism, Zennism, and Astrology — have for eons been hiding the elusive, evasive knowledge that an individual is his own master; is solely responsible for his life and choices and the solving of his own problems. The moral precepts that he must follow are those determined to be honest by his own mind — no higher authority to answer to.

Unfortunately, with introspection, decisions made are also able to deceive one with false ideas, therefore mystical beliefs still flourish.

The biggest myth in all mystical disciplines is that someone else knows the answer for you with their wisdom and knowledge. There is no authority with answers for you except yourself.

Deprogramming the tradition of following blindly and the deprogramming of following a leader will result in one’s becoming his own authority; making one’s own decisions; a learning process based on testing things out in reality. Reality becomes the teacher — not beliefs.

Objective reality is the final truth with which our life and happiness depends; reality being the only true teacher. It points out our mistakes and is the constant measure of our intellectual misconceptions and self-deceptions.

Guidelines when dealing with relationships: (A) Put yourself first. (B) We harm others the most when we give into their irrationalities. (C) We also contribute to irrational behavior when we let them get away with it. (D) Those who refuse to grow up have to be put into the position of facing consequences of their actions. (E) Only when a person accepts responsibility for his actions will he mature and enhance the possibilities for building a rewarding future with others.

Respectfully submitted,

Marya Silverthorn