Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 8 issue

Not always disposable

Dear Editor,

My iPhone died and as many of you know it’s my major methodof staying connected particularly when I travel. I have a friend Adam (whom Isuspect is more comfortable with technology than most people) who told menot to get a new one that he could fix mine for under twenty dollars. If itwere anyone else I’d have said no thank you, and to be honest I really didn’tthink he could pull it off. That being said I like Adam and it made him happyto do me a favor and the idea of fixing something versus replacing appealed tome.

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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 1 issue

More problems on Hwy. 7
Dear Editor,
Itseems like we, the residents of Highway 7, have adjusted to the fact that thereseems to be no speed limit on Highway 7, our pets do not have a chance if theyhappen to wander out or to the side of the road! I really miss myseven-year-old spade female Siamese, Sissy.

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Letters to the Editor, June 16

Speed kills – Slow down

On Hwy. 7,Oroville, there are so many drivers that cannot read or just don’t care aboutspeed limit signs. Numerous people that live on Hwy. 7 have called theSheriff’s Department hoping that we can get this problem solved with some radaror the presence of a patrol car in different locations.

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Letters to the Editor, June 9


What is itthat we see when we are away from home, whether at work or engaged inrecreational activities? Do we see inspired individuals and communities? Are weable to recognize the positive character traits of common sense and wisdombeing present in the fabric of our society?

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Letters to the Editor, June 2

Allpart of the ‘attitude’

While driving home from Spokane the other day I heard agovernment official testify before some U.S. Congressional Committee on the useof water boarding, and how some techniques of water boarding were used onsubjects to assist them into cooperating with the authorities.

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Letters to the Editor, May 26

The rats can run

Thanksto Bin Laden and his cohorts we now have immigration personnel who seem to beafflicted with paranoia as they suspect everyone may be a terrorist. Secretpolice who monitor our phones and computers and our dealings we have with thebanks. Police who conspire with businesses that offer grand prizes and when yougo to collect you are scrutinized and interrogated. Airport police, busmonitors, the list goes on and on.

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Letters to the Editor, May 19

Where is the Outrage?

Many legislators in Congress still do not getit! The largest contributing factor in the outrageous cost of prescriptiondrugs is advertising and promotion, estimated to be about 37% of the price wepay for those drugs. More money is spent on lobbying, advertising and promotionby the pharmaceutical industry than is spent on research and development.

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Letters to the Editor, May 12

Need answers

Colleen Sherlock was found dead over two months ago underextremely suspicious circumstances. She was found in the back seat of herburned car located behind a small hill off the Havillah Rd. just outside ofTonasket. There was no sign of a car going off the highway or over the side ofthe hill. The car had to have been driven there and burned.

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Letters to the Editor, May 5

Suspicious behavior

Well, well,well, did anyone win anything at the Chevy dealer last weekend, other than afree ride to the OCJ? Here’s what happened to me when I went to claim my bigprize. First they wanted to see my driver’s license to verify that I was theperson who was on the flier. Okay so far. Then the salesman walks over to thecopy machine and makes a couple copies of my license. I’m not positive, but I’msure he likely handed one copy to the guys in the office behind the one-waymirror window. Have any warrants the salesman asks? Nope I answer, not even aspeeding ticket. At this point I noticed a feller sitting 10 feet across fromme, straight faced with a look that he was ready to pounce if he got thesignal. After that I was asked where I worked, if I smoked, etc.

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Letters to the Editor, April 28

Problem solved

I may be getting on in years andmay have eccentric opinions.

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