Nursing Home benefited

Dear Editor,

To all the North Okanogan Valley Community Members: As you may know, North Valley Hospital District #4 has recently had to lay off staff in order to cut expenses. One of these staff members is Judy Gladden who has been Manager of the Long Term Care Division. I am writing this letter to let all of you know how much Judy should be is thanked and appreciated by all of us who have worked with her and who have benefited from her many years of service and hard work at North Valley Extended Care, affectionately called the “Nursing Home”, and North Valley Assisted Living.

I first met Judy in the late 70’s when we worked together on the night shift in the old building which served as the Nursing Home and the Hospital before that. She was a Nurses Aide and I was a Staff Nurse. Since then she has worked in many of the positions that our “Nursing Home” has needed to keep it running. She has worked in Activities, was the Social Service Director and did the billing. After Becky McDaniel left Judy managed the remodel project of the present building. This was a large and difficult job.

In 2005 it became apparent that we would lose our “Nursing Home” if a major reorganization was not done. This reorganization was done with the assistance of consultants. The Hospital and “Nursing Home” became two separate entities and we had to find a manager for the new Extended Care Division. A group of 4 of us who had been there for a long time were called upon to help decide who this would be. This group included Judy, Dixie Brown, Bernice Hailey and myself. Three of us knew that Judy would be able to do the best job, and she did.

Judy has poured her heart and soul into her job and the place we still fondly call the “Nursing Home”. She has worked long lonely hours in her office, and managed us quietly with wisdom, compassion and grace. She should be appreciated and thanked by all of us in the North Okanogan Valley Community and beyond who have benefited from and been cared for by our “Nursing Home” with Judy Gladden at the helm.


Karen Schimpf

Resident Care Manager, retired

North Valley Extended Care “Nursing Home”