Democratic Convention was a comedy

Dear Gary,

While channel surfing between America’s Funniest Home Videos and the Democrat Convention last week I saw some predictable similarities of the two types of comedy. It is predictable and funny to see a guy try to teach a kid to hit balls with a bat, only to have the bat connect with the wrong balls. While the guy is on the ground rolling around in pain, the rest of the family is laughing.

The Democrats want to give Barak another turn at bat to see if he can hit the ball in his presidency, it is obvious that he has put the taxpayers of the future on the ground in pain, and the only people laughing, are those who want more big government. The comedy started when the first lady tried conveying to the nation that the Obama’s were just like the rest of us, just regular people. One commentator said, yah, but they don’t have to put up with traffic.

It was announced that the first undocumented alien in the history of conventions would address the group, I wasn’t sure if they were talking about the next guy to speak or their party’s candidate for president. The Queen of College contraception, Sandra Fluke addressed the gathering about the need for “free” birth control for students, I don’t recall if she spoke before or after the nun who talked about riding the bus with the Sisters for Barak, Sandra and the nun need to some time in the confessional chamber.

Nancy Pelosi opened the event with the announcement that the women of congress were ready to stand with the president, they apparently haven’t read the statistics on his first term, just like not reading the Health Care bill. The pro abortion Planned Parenthood president Ms. Richards was there talking about the need for government/taxpayers, to be involved with family planning/abortion. Richard Trumka the thug union boss was upset that the convention was held in a “Right to Work State,” but he spoke anyway, without having to break anyone’s kneecaps. A Hollywood actress told the folks she was voting for Barak Obama…, shaazzam, who would have thunk. Chris Matthews the CNN (editor’s note: MSNBC) news commentator broke out in songs of praise for the Democrat dictator, almost to the point that if we didn’t reelect The Barak Obama, the sun would not come up on Nov. 3, as all good North Korean Olympic athletes praised their leader for their gold metals, Chris gave the credit for this nation’s success to the one he was told to. Bill Clinton got passed the comment he had made during Hillary’s run for president about the Obama’s “serving tea” as servants at the Whitehouse, they must have had a Beer Summit over that issue.

The only real highlight of the whole convention was when Gabrielle Gifford walked on stage and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag; they could have all just gone home after that. It was odd that the group didn’t boo when she said “one nation under God” as part of them did later in the convention when God and the capital of Israel were voted on by the delegates.

Steve Lorz