Republicans didn't let facts get in the way

Dear Editor,

The sheer magnitude of falsifications streaming from the Republican camp is unprecedented. The only thing worse is the gullible people who hate Obama so much will believe anything that discredits him. But then again, the organizers of the Republican Convention said they weren’t going to let fact checkers dictate their show. And they didn’t. Lie after lie after lie. Considering the protracted mess Dubya left behind, Obama has been nothing short of a sensational genius. Historians will tell the truth.

Any right wingers out there wonder why Dubya, Cheney, Powell, Rumsfeld, Rove and others weren’t at or invited to their convention? It’s because they bungled up the country so bad to be reminded would be negative to their cause.

Condy Rice was there and told her story of climbing a slippery ladder to become Secretary of State, which I thought was strange, as Obama climbed the same ladder to become President. Bringing attention to an African American’s success story was a little awkward at a convention that was a liefest about Obama. Maybe she had an ulterior motive.

And the Clint Eastwood thing. What a bizarre spectacle. But a man having seven children with five women was a good choice to endorse Romney, whose great grandfather had 12 wives at once.

Here’s something for the birthers. While in an altered state, I traveled 51 light years into space and peered back at the earth. Obama was born in Honolulu, I’m sorry to tell you. But here’s something you don’t know. As a toddler he went to Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963 and took out Kennedy, changing the course of history so he could become president. Then, he waited a few years and took out Bobby, sealing his fate. Mystery solved.

But have no fear, tea-baggers, if Romney’s magic underwear does its job, he will win the election and everything will be rainbows and roses. For the rich.

One more thing. Romney and Ryan need to get on the same page. Ryan is against in vitro fertilization. Romney has three grandchildren from the process. Oops!

Dan Dixon