President is a dictator

Dear Editor,

There are some major differences between our present president and VP and the Republican nominees. Obama has always been anti-America. His actions speak louder than the pretty words he uses to con people into voting for him. It spans most of his life and it sure isn’t what we needed to put us back on track. He is not a president, he is a dictator. I don’t ever remember an administration going so much against the states, against the constitution, against the law. Many democrats throw out bald face lies and keep promoting them even after the truth is told. To put it simply, division is not the way to unity, more debt is not the way to less debt. It was, and still should be, the land of opportunity, not the land of guarantees, so re-distribution of wealth is very un-American. The thought of what four more years would produce is really scary.

On the other hand, the Republican nominees both have family and/or personal histories of working hard and helping others. Their plans are for the benefit of America, not some special interest group being pandered for donations and votes. That kind of whining got us nowhere.

For Mr. Dixon to say Romney is out of touch means Mr. Dixon hasn’t been paying attention for the last three and a half years to Obama and all of his cronies, and hasn’t really listened to Romney or Ryan or anyone speaking of them. Mr. Dixon and a few other writers are either hardcore democrats or just enjoy stirring up arguments, because their opinions are without foundation. If it’s jealousy that sparked his comments in the Aug. 30 edition, it is very unbecoming. If it’s simply Democratic hate, it’s still unbecoming.

With all due respect,

Joanne Gallagher

Oroville, Wash.