Veranda Beach Resort planting vineyard

Photo by Gary DeVon<br data-src=

OROVILLE – Veranda Beach Resort began planting the first vines for their vineyard last Monday afternoon and plans on one day having grapes and cottages side by side.

“We expect that by the time we are all done we will have 150 to 200 acres in the long run. This is just the first of our vineyard,” said resort developer Jim Hammond.

The vineyard was being planted in barbera grapes, a first for this area, at least on the U.S. side of the border, according to Hammond. Barbera is an Italian red wine grape less known outside of Italy.

“We’ve had some people in the wine industry tell us this is absolutely fabulous land to grow a vineyard on,” he said.

Another first, Hammond hopes to introduce vineyard cottages this coming summer with delivery beginning next spring.

“We want to have clusters of cottages nestled right in the vineyard,” he said. “It will work… we are all pretty excited.”

Veranda Beach resort has completed 52 cottage-style condominiums on Dairy Point which are all sold and delivered. In phase two the resort is building another 58 cottages which have also already been sold.

“The second phase is under construction and will be completed and delivered by December,” Hammond said.

The first phase of the marina is in place and the second phase is expected to be completed by the spring of 2009, according to Hammond.

The resort is about to begin construction of the village center as well. “We are just waiting on a building permit. I expect we will start building any day,” Hammond said.