Still intend to seek recall of NVH Commissioners

Dear Editor,

To the North Okanogan County Community: By now, we are sure you have heard about the withdrawal of our petition for recall of all Okanogan County Public Hospital District #4 (OCPHD#4) Board of Commissioners. After listening to the judge’s reasoning regarding his ruling on the preliminary injunction to stop the closure of the Tonasket Assisted Living on Tuesday March 19th, our realizations of some procedural errors, hearing that the ballot synopsis did not meet statutes, we reasoned that the recall would not get past the hearing. Thinking that the judge might then also rule that a recall could not be re-filed on similar charges, we decided to withdraw to regroup, sharpen the charges, and get legal counsel to help us re-file the recall.

We sincerely appreciate the tremendous amount of support we have received and feel you should know, we are not admitting defeat, only sharpening and bolstering our positions. We still intend to seek recall as mentioned above.

Danny Gratrix