Oroville to loan building inspector to Omak

Omak inspector recovering from fall

OROVILLE – The Oroville City Council agreed to share Building Inspector Christian Johnson’s services with Omak while their building inspector recovers from a fall from the room of a business.

The decision was made at the council’s Tuesday, Feb. 16 meeting. Councilwoman Neysa Roley made a motion to enter into an agreement Omak and it was seconded by Councilman Mac MacElheren.

“Just as long as he’s able to get the library stuff done,” said Public Works Superintendent Rod Noel, when asked if it would affect any ongoing projects in Oroville.

“A lot of it will work within his travels between here and Okanogan,” said Mayor Chuck Spieth.

“They did it for us when Christian was in Iraq,” added Noel.

The council also had the first reading of a budget amendment regarding the ambulance service.

“We received a bill in November and we paid the city’s portion in December and sent the rest to the county,” said City Clerk/Treasurer JoAnn Denney. “They informed us that we need to pay and they will reimburse it for us for it.”

Councilman Walt Hart said there had been some clean up around a residence that has been abandoned for years.

“I’ve seen some clean up around the residence and they called Christian (Johnson) and wanted to know if they could burn the weeds. At least it looks like they are making an attempt. It looks a lot better,” said Hart.

In the department reports, Police Chief Todd Hill said there were two applicants for the Sergeant’s Exam and that Corporal Waddel had passed and was promoted earlier that day.

Airport Services Manager Steve Johnston, said Dorothy Scott Airport was coming “alive” with the better weather.

Oroville Chamber of Commerce President Clyde Andrews shared a plant to move the Sandalia sign north on Highway 97 along Prince’s Heritage Park so that a permanent Christmas Tree could be planted in the northeast corner of the new park. The organization is taking donations so they can buy largest tree they can afford.