Oroville Senior Center plans auction fundraiser for expansion

OROVILLE – The Oroville Senior Center is expanding their building with a 30’x36′ addition and is planning an auction for mid-July to help fund the project.

Members of the Senior Center have already solicited for bids to build the addition and the heating and cooling systems that will be needed. This expansion will provide increased space for activities and a secure interior office space for office equipment and storage, according to Spence Higby, who is the auction coordinator.

There have already been several successful efforts to raise funds for the project and about $70,000 has been banked. However, the contractor’s bid for the new addition with building permits and sales taxes total about $90,000. The auction will be held to try and raise the difference, as well as money to provide interior furnishings.

Several individuals have already stepped forward to help coordinate the auction efforts, according to Higby, including Larry Campbell, who has volunteered his services as license auctioneer. Campbell is also qualified to sell and transfer titles for used vehicles. The auction is currently planned for July 14 at the old Chevron Station on the corner of Hwy. 97 and 21st Ave., just south of Prince’s Center. Sujit Singh has donated the space and Thompson Bees will assist in towing vehicles as needed.

We need “your quality donations of furniture, appliances, collectibles and other items of value of $20 or more. Especially sought are vehicles like cars, boats, trailers, RVs or other motorized vehicles,” said Higby, who requests people not donate clothes or yard sale leftovers.

Cash donations will also be cheerfully accepted, he adds. These should be sent to Verna Bjorkman at P.O. Box 31, Oroville, WA. 98844.

“Many individuals and businesses recognize the importance of the Senior Center, its food program and other activities. Whether you directly take part in these services isn’t needed for the community to understand the benefits,” Higby said.

The center will provide assistance if needed in picking up or delivering donated items. For assistance and/or information contact any of the following: Dolly Engelbretson, Center President, (509) 476-3336; Higby. (509) 429-4722; Tillie Porter, Publicity, (509) 476-3588; Bjorkman, Treasurer, (509) 476-3036; Kathi Hennig, Highlands Area, (509) 485-2427; Larry Smith, Highlands Area, (509) 485-2305; Bob Hirst, Calling Coordinator, (509) 476-4380; Marilyn Perry, Oroville Area, (509) 476-2584 or Bev Storm, Oroville Area, (509) 476-2488.