Letters to the Editor, May 17, 2012

Thank a volunteer

Dear Editor,
As new managers of the Camaray Motel, last year my wife and I simply watched the May Festival parade and played host to the many guests who use the weekend as a homecoming. But this year, now that I am the president of the Chamber of Commerce, I jumped in and helped with the Chamber BBQ (this year wonderfully orchestrated by the Eagles Auxiliary). I learned first hand from the volunteers for the BBQ how many people put in sacrificial hours to make the May Festival happen.
Many volunteers have been helping with the BBQ for over two decades. One volunteer has done the cooking of the beans and sauce in the grade school kitchen for 24 years, during which time she has never seen the parade. If I gave her name, I’d have to start listing all the names of all such people who give so much to this community for this event. The BBQ is just one of many events.
There are similar (and sometimes overlapping) volunteers for the Basketball Tournament, for the parade, for the Fun Run, for the Bass Tournament. If you know one of these volunteers, say “Thank you.” And consider becoming a volunteer next year!
Clyde Andrews – President
Oroville Chamber of Commerce

What do you stand for

Dear Editor,
Last night, or two weeks ago as you are reading this, my wife and I went to see an incredibly and wonderfully exciting play called South Pacific. A play taking place on an island in the Pacific seeing the lighter, yet necessary side, of World War II much as MASH did about the undeclared, yet vicious war in Korea.
There was a short conversation between an island inhabitant and some navy personnel where the island inhabitant, in confronting a navy officer, said “I know what you are all against in this war, but what are you for?”
In the next few months we will continue to be involved, in many different ways, in electing a president. If you are Republican, I really don’t want to hear from you what is wrong with the Democrats. If you are Democrat, please don’t waste my time, and yours, by telling me what is wrong with the Republicans. If you are an independent, I really don’t want to hear what’s wrong with either of the other parties.
But, what I do want hear from you is what do you stand for and why. If I were to adopt the position you aspire, how will that structurally affect the growth and solidarity of our nation. How will your position enhance the Constitution? How will or should the Bill of Rights be correctly applied? Will I continue to have the right to bear arms and will the castle law continue to be a part of life in the State of Washington? Will I continue to have the right to worship as I choose or if I choose not to worship, will that right be extended to me without either position being imposed upon me?
These, and other questions, lie at your feet to, not only encourage, but almost demand that you deal with them and to do so without imposition. Again, like the proverbial inhabitant in South Pacific, “We know what you are against, what are you for?”
The old coffee drinker,
Randy Middleton