Oroville School District looking at two-year replacement M&O Levy

OROVILLE – Although there was some discussion of running the Oroville School District Maintenance and Operations Levies in each of the next two years, the superintendent and public comment at the Dec. 19 board meeting was leaning toward retaining the two-year replacement levy option.

“If we run the levy for one year we would have to ask the public two years in a row for a levy,” said Superintendent Steve Quick in his recommendation that the district ask for a two-year replacement levy, the same as it has been for the past several years.

Later, when asked for public comment, Marc Egerton voiced his agreement with Quick, stating he too was concerned about running a one-year levy and asking community approval two years in a row. Egerton’s sentiments were echoed by former school director Tedi Fletcher. Fletcher said it would be hard to ask the public every year for an M&O Levy.

Later in the meeting, Board Member Rocky DeVon made a motion to run a two-year levy, rather than two one-year levies. Board Member Christina Rise made a second and the motion was approved three to two.

In Supt. Quick’s report to the board he said the district’s newsletter went out to all addresses in the 98844 Zip Code.

“We received positive feedback from the community,” said Quick, who thanked the Ashmore family for their layout, editing and vision, as well as staff that submitted pictures and articles.

During public comment AnnMarie Ricevuto addressed the board to ask that the Grandby Club be recognized and approved by the board to sell concessions during the NOHI Wrestling Tournament. Grandby Club gives money to wrestlers for ASB cards, sweatshirts, physicals, little kid wrestling and on occasion scholarships, according to Ricevuto. School Board Chairman Phil Barker amended the agenda by adding reinstatement of the Grandby Club as a recognize booster club for the wrestling team and to be allowed to sell concessions at wrestling events. The reinstatement was approved by the board under new business.

Oroville Elementary Principal Joan Hoehn gave her principal’s report. She said the K-3 Winter Concert was good, except for a small glitch in the bleachers and that the 4-6 Concert went well. Hoehn also said that Gear Up is in full swing with several students attending the after school program. She said the elementary school food drive had collected nearly 50 boxes of food.

In her report, High School Principal Kristin Sarmiento said that the junior-senior high school Winter Concert was good. The high school committee is working on school improvements beginning with the junior high At Risk group and a mandatory study hall for students not passing classes, she said.

Under new business, DeVon made a motion to approve a request from Supt. Quick to reduce the Superintendent’s 2011-2012 schedule by three days as unpaid leave. Board Member Amy Wise seconded the motion and it was approved. Cynthia Pointer was approved as a substitute teacher for the 2011-2012 school year and the board accepted the resignation of Transportation Manager John Steg, who has taken a job with another company. Several coaches were also hired: Laura Kinman, assistant boys soccer coach; Tam Hutchinson, head high school football coach, with Rich Hutchin and Justin Helm as assistants; Luara Kinman, girls soccer coach, with Tony Flores as assistant; Doug Kee, cross country and Brad and Justin Scott, junior high football coaches.

In her financial report, District Business Manager Shay Shaw reported on the missing ASB funds from the junior class. The question was raised by Director Barker at the previous meeting. Shaw said the funds had been accounted for and that they had been used to pay the DJ at the Tolo Dance. Shaw also reported that enrollment for December was 642, down nine students from November.