Deputies solve burglaries in Twisp and Okanogan within hours of being repor

The Okanogan County Sheriff's office is seeking information on the whereabouts of Kyle A. Snyder, 20, Oroville. He is sought in connection with a burglary at the Okanogan Eagles on Friday, Dec. 30. OCSO photo

The Okanogan County Sheriff’s office is seeking information on the whereabouts of Kyle A. Snyder, 20, Oroville. He is sought in connection with a burglary at the Okanogan Eagles on Friday, Dec. 30. OCSO photo

OKANOGAN – At the same time suspects were getting themselves “caught on camera” stealing the same-said camera, other burglars were burglarizing cash from the Okanogan Eagles — within hours of the crimes being reported several suspects were under arrest and authorities are seeking an Oroville man suspected in the crimes.

On Dec. 30 a burglary was reported at a residence outside of Twisp where the owner of the residence had recently died. Deputy Laura Wright responded to the scene and while there learned that the suspects went to the residence and stole several surveillance cameras from the residence and possibly other items.

“The problems for the suspects were…. 1.) the surveillance cameras were on and 2.) Deputy Wright and the complainants in the case all recognized the suspects,” said Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers.

The suspects in this case were, Joshua R. Taylor, 31, Omak and Nicki K. Windsor, 20, Omak.

“The surveillance showed Taylor and Windsor driving back and forth in front of the residence and then going up to the residence and knocking on the door. It also showed Taylor looking directly into the camera as he was stealing it from the outside of the residence,” Rogers said.

At the same time Deputy Tim Newton and Deputy Terry Shrable were dispatched to a burglary complaint at the Okanogan Eagles in Okanogan. The investigation showed that suspects had broken into the Eagles overnight and had stolen between $5000 and $6000 cash.

Deputy Wright had advised the other Deputies on shift that she was looking for Taylor and Windsor for the burglary in Twisp. Deputy Shrable who was en-route to the burglary at the Eagles in Okanogan spotted Taylor and Windsor in a vehicle as they drove past him. Deputy Shrable was able to turn around and stop them on Highway 97 near the Okanogan County Shop building. At the stop Taylor and Windsor were arrested and taken into custody for the burglary at the Twisp residence.

“During the investigation with Taylor and Windsor it was learned that early this morning, Michael A. McClure, 34, of Omak and Kyle A. Snyder, 20 of Oroville had showed up at Taylor and Windsor’s residence in Omak with a large amount of cash asking if they could get some Meth for them,” said Sheriff Rogers. “Taylor also admitted to Deputies that the reason he stole the cameras was because he had been contacted by a business in Omak who was looking for a surveillance camera system to protect their business and was willing to pay around $500 for the install. Taylor accepted the job and then drove to Twisp on Christmas morning and stole the cameras from the residence so he could install it on the business in Omak to help stop burglaries.

You can’t make this stuff up…”

Meanwhile, Deputy Shrable and Deputy Newton had gone to the Eagles and while there watched a surveillance tape at the Eagles. On the tape they were able to identify McClure and Snyder as the ones that had done the burglary that night and stole the cash and other items. Deputies began to look for McClure and Snyder, while Deputy Wright was obtaining search warrants for Taylor’s and Windsor’s residence in Omak.

Deputy Newton headed for a location on Highway 155 where they believed McClure might and once in the area the deputy spotted a vehicle which was driven by McClure and his passenger, Jasmine S. Walts, 31 of Omak, who had several warrants for her arrest. Deputy Newton stopped the vehicle as it pulled into another residence off of Highway 155, according to Rogers.

“At the stop McClure was interviewed by Deputy Shrable and admitted that he and Snyder were the ones involved in the burglary at the Eagles. McClure was arrested and searched and approximately $3000 cash was located on him. Walts was also arrested at the scene on the warrants,” Rogers said.

Snyder was one of three suspects arrested in connection with the Nov. 10, 2011 burglary at the Methodist Church on Stanton Road near Tonasket. During that burglary over $7000 in items were stolen. Arrested along with Snyder were Joseph E. Dagnon, 45, of Tonasket and Kurtis C. Bishop, 24, Omak/Tonasket. Search warrants later done by Okanogan County Sheriff’s Deputies at a residence in Omak located a large amount of the stolen items from the church. A search warrant also at Taylor’s and Windsor residence in Omak turned up stolen items from the church in Tonasket as well as stolen items from businesses and residences in Okanogan and the Omak area.

Snyder was booked for the burglary at the church in Tonasket and had a $15,000 bail. Approximately two weeks ago Snyder was bailed out of jail by family members. The sheriff’s office is trying to locate Snyder and asks that anyone who knows his whereabouts or has any information on the suspect contact the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office at 422-7232.

“Snyder has told several people that since he is out of jail and it’s going to be a new year, he is going to continue to burglarize and steal as much as he can until he is caught,” said Rogers.

The investigation is still on going and it is believed that these subjects are involved in multiple burglaries in several areas of the county including the Oroville area and in the City of Omak. Deputies have served several search warrants in Omak and Okanogan in the last few days attempting to recover some of the stolen property.

“I can’t say enough about Deputy Wright, Deputy Shrable and Deputy Newton, they did an incredible job on these cases and these Deputies were involved in solving several burglaries and thefts just a couple of weeks ago, they deserve a lot of credit,” the sheriff said.