Oroville Community Fireworks display delayed until Sunday

The finale from last year's Oroville Community Fireworks show. Gary DeVon/file photo
The finale from last year’s Oroville Community Fireworks show. Gary DeVon/file photo

Pyro-technician doing well after misfire

OROVILLE – A misfire around 5:30 p.m. of a test shell sent licensed pyro-technician Bryan Sawyer to the hospital. The annual fireworks display has been moved to Sunday night, July 5th at dark at Oroville’s Deep Bay Park.

Sawyer, who went to the ER, is reported to be doing well, but could not return Saturday night to fire off the display. Rather than disassemble the mortars, the hosts of the display, the Oroville Chamber of Commerce, as well as the City of Oroville, have agreed to hold the display on Sunday.

Another licensed pyro-technician has agreed to take charge of the display and has promised to bring a few special shells for the event, according to Dane Forrester, who has volunteered at the event for many years.

The Chamber of Commerce invites everyone to come back to the park to see the extra special display on Sunday.