Oroville Chamber to host 'A Fine and Pleasant Misery'

OROVILLE – As part of the Northwest Ice Fishing Festival weekend the Oroville Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a performance by Tim Behrens as Pat McMannus in “A Fine and Pleasant Misery.” The show will be at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Feb, 15 at the Oroville High School Commons.

Ticket prices and distribution will be announced after the first of the year, according to Clyde Andrews, chamber president.

“One of Tim’s shows sold out a week in advance at Kettle Falls. We anticipate the same draw here.” said Andrews..

The first of all the McManus comedies, A Fine and Pleasant Misery, stars Behrens.

The one-man Show introduces 12 zany McManus characters, from Rancid Crabtree to daft old Mrs. Swisher, from Strange the Dog, to a deer on a bicycle.

From the website www.mcmanusplays.com: “Join Pat and his sidekick Crazy Eddie Muldoon as they try to conquer their fear of the dark so they can become mountain men. Watch Rancid Crabtree convince you that baths are bad because soap and water will eat holes in your protective crust. Listen as Pat explains how to execute a proper full bore linear panic and its cousin, modified stationary panic.  See Mr. and Mrs. Muldoon react to Pat and Crazy Eddie’s airplane as it teeters on the barn roof headed straight towards oblivion. And learn how not to hunt your first deer with nothing more than a bicycle.”

The McManus Comedies are family friendly, hilarious stories about growing up in rural America when you’re dirt poor (dirt being the only toy you can afford) and when the adults in your life get nervous every time they pass you on the street.

McManus is one of the most popular humor writers in the country. His 23 titles have sold more than six million copies, and five of his collections of short humor have made the top 10 of the NY Times Bestseller’s list.

The author himself was a guest of the Oroville Sportsman’s Club at two of their Heads and Horns Show events that were held in Oroville.

About the performer Behrens, The Billings Gazette said: “Behrens doing McManus is like a cross between Mark Twain and Bill Cosby,” the late actor Jack Lemmon said: “Tim relishes in knocking the audiences out with laughter; see this show!” and the Spokesman Review once worried that “paramedics would have to be called in people were laughing so hard.”

For more information visit: www.mcmanusplays.com.