A waste of trees

Dear Editor,

Why does the classic oath say “the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” Because even a half truth is considered dishonest.

So if the hospital CEO is weary of being accused of being dishonest I guess the way to fix that would be to start being honest.

Ms. Schimpf’s implication that educating oneself through limited means via handouts and attending meetings where nothing is discussed or explained is somehow more informative than having all sides explained by someone who has obviously lived and breathed the topics is just plain stupid.

Mr. Stewart’s hypocritical rantings are a waste of trees. This is the same person that was down at a County Commissioners meeting foaming at the mouth because “this administration needs to get their act together” regarding their incompetence with VA Clinic. Obviously Mr. Stewart has never tried to obtain “public records” from our hospital where some people have never received the records requested after almost a year and other information has been incomplete.

No matter what brush any of them are trying to paint this rerun with, the community saw the writing on the wall even before this spring when Extended Care was suddenly losing money. And no one is surprised by the same pattern of disinformation, hostility and attacks by these three players.

All of you are about as useful as Jane Fonda during Vietnam.

John Snider