Keeping an eye on the commissioners

Dear Editor,

A recent survey by ROC (Representing Okanogan County) shows that the public’s chief concern in regard to Okanogan County government is the need for more transparency. The current Board of County Commissioners is responsible for all aspects of county life, from levying taxes, administering the budget, regulating roads, transportation, public health, land use, hiring of county employees and contractors, and administering grant money, to name only a few. They are also legally bound to keep the public informed of their actions in a timely manner. Up to now, this precept has been basically ignored and the minutes of commissioners’ meetings have lagged several months behind posting on the county website.Recently they have been updated and hopefully this practice of publishing the minutes in a timely manner will continue.

Some important issues are now before the commissioners – the comprehensive plan is being

challenged in court, they are continuing to work on the zoning ordinance, and the 2016 budget is being approved.To keep up to date on these activities, ROC is sending volunteer witnesses to the Board

meetings and posting their reports on their website reports are more current and informative than the county minutes and should prove helpful to those who are possibly interested in filing for the two upcoming commissioners’ positions in 2016, or just would like to know how well our

county govt. is being run.If you have the time and interest, you might also like to be a part of this ROC “witnessing” project.

Jessica McNamara