Hoping for a multi-use park

Dear Gary,

I was delighted to see the front page article containing information that the bin lot in Oroville is being leased for a park. A big thank you to the Prince family.

I was also happy to see that a sand lot is being considered for its possible use. Here’s my thoughts. We already have an excellent soccer field and baseball field complete with walking track that gets regular use. We have tennis courts available to anyone so inclined. We have two wonderful picnic parks, Deep Bay and Veteran’s Park (recently acquired and as I understand, doing financially well). Both are complete with their own bodies of water for swimming related activities, both highly used.

What we don’t have is a multi-use or a sandlot park. Definition: A vacant lot used especially by children for unorganized sports and games. And… it’s in a perfect part of town! I’m envisioning children walking to this park to roller blade or skate, shoot a few baskets, or an impromptu baseball game. I could even see a small skate board area. I’m also envisioning an area that could be flooded and frozen for ice skating in the wintertime. (Ha Ha, if we ever get enough cold weather again…!) A covered area with a few picnic tables would be nice also. Maybe a small overflowing fountain for small children water play.

One of the best visions I could see is that this park along Hwy 97 could be decorated for the Christmas Holidays or any holidays. It would be a bright addition to the appeal of the town as residents and visitors approach the city. You have to admit, that once you cross the Okanogan River bridge things look a little dismal ’til you get closer in. This park brightly lit and decorated would be a huge eye appeal.

I know, I know, this would all take some money. However, I think it’s entirely possible and I’m hoping that the powers that be will not just simply put in another grass covered area that has to be watered and mowed. What do you say Oroville?


Naomi Noel Alloway