Are you interested in the physical growth and expansion of the City of Oroville?

OROVILLE – The City of Oroville is currently seeking individuals interested in serving on the Oroville Planning Commission. Supported by technical and administrative staff, the Planning Commission makes recommendations to the city council regarding the physical growth and expansion of the city.

The Planning Commission is also seeking individuals interested in serving as Planning Commissioner Alternates. Serving as an Alternate provides a prospective Planning Commissioner an opportunity to become familiar with the business of the Commission; an Alternate is then better prepared to meet the position responsibilities when appointed to a vacant seat.

The Oroville Planning Commission meetings are held the third Monday of each month at 4:30 p.m., (due to President’s Day, the February meeting will be held Monday, Feb. 26) in the Oroville City Council Chambers located at 1308 Ironwood. A list will be developed of those interested persons from which Mayor Neal will make appointments.

Contact Deanna Rowton at 509-476-2926, ext. 103, Oroville City Hall, with questions.