Youth wrestlers compete at Pateros meet

PATEROS – Youth wrestling action this weekend took place at Pateros, where 150-200 pre-school through sixth-graders from Cashmere, Wenatchee, Chelan, Brewster, Omak, Okanogan, Liberty Bell, Tonasket, Pateros and Oroville competed.

Oroville Killer Bee kindergartners included Koda Hirst (3rd place), Frisco Sanchez (3rd), Xavier Cardona (3rd), and Anthony Davis (4th).

First and second-graders included Travis Darrow (1st), Tommy Spikes (2nd), Kolo Moser (2nd), and Nicholas Evans.

Killer Bee third and fourth-graders were Jaxon Rise (1st), Colby Guzman (2nd), Sam Allenby (2nd), Anthony Cardona (2nd), Chris Worell (3rd), Cody Field (3rd), Sergio Ocampo (4th), Taylor McCoy, Julian Lopez, Carson Allie and Steven Lopez.

Fifth and sixth-graders were Braondon Baugher (2nd), Jeff Rounds (2nd), Dean Davis (3rd), Davis Iniguez (3rd), Brigido Ocampo (4th) and Hunter Gallant.

For Tonasket, kindergarten wrestlers included Aaron Polito (1st place), Tyge Plank (3rd), Colton Wilson, Keenan Denison, Caleb Williams and Robert Willis.

First and second-graders included Ameron Bretz (1st), Ben Good (1st), Waylon Thomas (1st), Carson Sasse (1st), Lyle Long (3rd), Conner Hardesty (3rd), Evan Vaneatta (4th) and Daniel Bouy (4th).

Tonasket third and fourth-graders were Carson Walton (1st), Riley Vanatta (1st), Tyson Sams-Knapp (2nd), Trenton Sams-Knapp (2nd), Enrique Sandoval (3rd), Waylon Wilson (3rd), Troy Wood and Reilan Bretz.

Fifth and sixth-graders were Rycki Cruz (1st), Austin Wood (1st), Quincey Vassar (2nd), Ian Vanatta (2nd), Jared Brown (2nd), Garrett Wilson (2nd) Ethan Calus (4th), Evan Harris (4th, Brandon Wirth and Dawson Bretz.

Youth wrestlers return to action Saturday, March 24, at Liberty Bell.