Tigers wrestle to 36th place tie at Tri-State

COUER dALENE – The Tonasket Tigers wrestled their way to a tie for 36th place among 55 schools at the Tri-State tournament on Friday, Dec. 18 and Saturday, Dec. 19.

In the 103 pound weight class, sophomore Jared Stedtfeld won his first match but lost his next two. Juniors Riley Buzzard and Tyler Laurie wrestled in the 135 pound weight class. Buzzard lost his first match, had a bye-match and then lost the next match while Laurie won his first, lost his second, won the next two and then lost the last.

For the 140 pound weight class, juniors Lee Leavell and Peter Williams both wrestled. Leavell had a bye-match for the first round and then lost in the second and third matches while Williams had a bye-match, won his next two matches and then lost his fourth match.

Junior Dustin Silverthorn wrestled in the 152 pound weight class. After a bye-match, he won one match and then lost two. Senior Andrew Grillo wrestled in the 160 pound weight class and also began with a bye-match. He lost his second match, had another bye-match, won his fourth match and then lost his fifth match.

Finally, junior Keegan McCormick also started with a bye-match in the 171 pound weight class. McCormick then won his second match, lost his third, won his fourth and fifth matches and lost his sixth match.

The Tigers also wrestled at the Oroville NOHI Tournament on Dec. 19. Freshman Derek Rimestad took fourth place in the 152 pound weight class while freshman Austin Booker took fourth place in the 140 pound weight class. The final placer was senior Corey McCrarey who took third place in the 189 pound weight class.

The Tigers will next compete in the Royal Tournament on Wednesday, Dec. 30 and Thursday, Dec. 31.