Arrests made in fatal shooting of hunter

OKANOGAN – Two men were arrested in connection with the Sept. 2, 2013 fatal shooting of a grouse hunter on Cow Camp Road not far from Chesaw.

Adam Shuan Jennings, 27, and John Wayne Jennings, 57, both of Pontiac Ridge Rd., about six miles from Chesaw, were each placed under arrest Tuesday for first degree murder. The younger Jennings was also charged with unlawful possession of firearms and the elder with delivery of a firearm to an ineligible person.

They are accused of shooting Michael R. Carrigan, 52, Hoquiam, Wash. while he was hunting not far from their residence.

Carrigan was grouse hunting with George R. Stover, 65, also of Hoquiam. According to Stover, the two of them were driving around looking for grouse on Pontiac Ridge. Stover said that as they drove onto Cow Camp Road they saw a grouse in tree off the side of the road. Stover said that they stopped and Carrigan got out of the vehicle and walked into a field and shot at the grouse. Carrigan missed and shot again and according to Stover at this time he heard another shot come from somewhere else, according to Sheriff Frank Rogers.

“Stover, who was still sitting in the vehicle, said he saw Carrigan turn around and could see blood on him. Stover said that Carrigan then fell down and at that time Stover said he heard another shot, so he Stover drove out of the area to get help from law enforcement,” said Rogers at the time.

Law enforcement officials are still on scene executing a search warrant on the Jennings property/residence.

Arrests made in fatal shooting of hunter