Will initiative make them effective listeners?

I heard on the news the other day that our governess was going to Spokane to hold a town hall meeting and to find out from the “people” how the government of Washington State was doing. This meeting has come and gone by now and I haven’t heard anything about what the governess may have learned from this get together. But after looking at my license renewal notice for my 13 year-old pickup I wonder if any one in the town hall group was allowed to ask the hostile question of whatever happened to the initiative that the people of Washington state passed by some 60+ percent margin, that reduced our vehicle license tabs to $30? Now I suppose one could look at a fee of $188 and call it “investing in Washington” as Bill Clinton might say? Or could we say that going from $30 to $188 is inflation caused from “Government by Democrat,” there is probably a variety of terms that could be used to help numb the effect.

When I look at the way Washington State government deals with me, it is similar to the way my computer deals with me, the question in the blue box that pops up on the computer screen and asks you about a certain program goes something like this, “Do you want to be taken advantage of, ignored by, generally abused and taxed until your nose bleeds by your state government?” And your options for answering this question are… “OK.” Then, after participating in this public opinion poll, I can feel good about being up with the intended programs of over-taxation and abuse.

A Peoples’ Initiative is a way to inform the government of what the will of the people is. It is like a town hall meeting done statewide where the government listens, doesn’t control the floor and therefore doesn’t have to spew rhetoric at the public like they are spraying insects.

It is funny to read that the opponents of I-960 say this initiative will make government “less effective.” I wonder if the passage of it will make them more effective listeners.


L.M. “Birdie” Nelson