State cuts mean lean times at the food banks

It has come to my attention that the State of Washington is going to cut back on the budget to our local food banks unless “they prove the need” of the needy. Also local donations have been low these past several months. With the holidays coming up, what’s going to happen then?

When I first moved up here four years ago and times were difficult, I was thankful I had somewhere to go to help stretch my dollar to feed my children. When things got better the next year and many years after that, I made sure to donate food during the holidays. I’ve given back to the community who so generously gave to my children and me.

As much as Oroville has grown this past year, there are still many families and individuals who continue to struggle every day just to have enough to eat. I remember as a child going to bed many times “hungry” because there was not enough to eat or when we did eat there was very little. No individual should have to go hungry. After all, this is America right? This should not be happening in this day and age.

The State of Washington is also cutting back on food stamp allocations, imposing new rules to save the almighty buck. The only persons they are hurting are the children, elderly, disabled and low-income families.

When it comes to medical care, I see the same thing happening. Cut back on this, cut back on that. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that what the “sin tax” of tobacco and alcohol was for? To fund our social services programs? They continue to raise the prices of these items, but continue to cut benefits. I don’t get it! Where does the money go? Last year they had one hell of a surplus, but still all they could do is fight over who got what. It sure didn’t go where it was needed. I’m guessing it probably found its way into a few pockets or was squandered frivolously on bogus BS. I don’t profess to know exactly how the Washington government runs and what a thankless job it probably is to “balance and budget” every year, but something definitely “stinks in Hong Kong.”

Gregoire get off your butt and live up to your promises! It seems to me you’ve done a 360. What’s the matter? Get lost or something? Oh, I get it! Selective amnesia! How convenient! (Heavy on the sarcasm)

I was saddened and appalled this past Thursday at the food bank by a statement made by an elderly gentleman. He stated, “Well at least it’s something, better than nothing. I’ve lived on less than that!” Slim pickings indeed.

Come on folks, I know there are some con artists, “poor me’s” and shirkers (shame on them), but most of the needy have worked hard all their lives and because of cuts in the budget and falling on hard times, they need the services of our local food banks.

So please give generously at your local grocery stores. Time to put out some big boxes guys! Bless what you have and bless others who don’t have what you got. Food for thought, eh? No pun intended.

Cheri Ann Cole