Mourn his loss, rejoice in his memory

Dear Editor,

The tragedy of a life being extinguished years before expected is about the worst experience that can be placed on the human psyche. What a difference indeed a day can make. There is no way to look at it that gives any comfort to the grieving and shock.

When a loved one is suddenly taken, the emotions brought on are painfully indescribably intense. The main question is why, which has no clear answer.

Terrible things happening are a part of our existence, with no avoidance possible. One of the drawbacks of the gift of life. The human condition is always, at any moment, subject to changes, good, bad and ugly. That’s life. A life cut short hurts and perplexes all those affected beyond imagine.

I try to think of it as less time on Earth, but more time with loved ones already in the spirit realm. All life is so dear and precious, we know, but some people have a special persona that says volumes without an uttered word. Justin was such a soul. His actions, smiles, sincerity and honest concern revealed his beautiful inner self. We have lost someone of the highest standards. We will always mourn his loss, but we must also rejoice in his memory. He was a top-notch, genuinely decent, caring human being and I cherish the time and conversations I was fortunate enough to have with him. I can’t begin to relate my deepest sympathy to the family for your loss. God bless you all.

Let’s hope and pray this makes at least some idiots that still drink and drive realize the potential of their incredibly stupid actions.

Dan Dixon