James Monroe Hartig

James Hartig
James Hartig

James “Whiskey Jim” Hartig who was born in 1943 recently passed away.


You packed my diaper bag and loaded me in the sleeper of your semi and took me to work with you every day. Thank you for that, for I had learned what it means to have good work ethics and was able to pass that onto your grandchildren. They say there’s always “one in the bunch” but I somehow was blessed with four good ones!

You allowed me to stand on the seat of your truck instead of being buckled in at four-years-old while driving down the road singing Crystal Gayle, Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn. Thank you for that, for I learned that you should always sing as if noone is watching (but I do enjoy my “long-haired hippy music” on a regular basis).

You were raising a teenage daughter as a single dad in a cabin on a mountain with no running water or electricity. Thank you for that, for I learned what it is to find strength in tough situations.

Yes, you made a few poor choices along the way… but not once did I ever know about it. Thank you for that, for I learned how to protect my children.

I too made a few poor choices along the way and you were always there. Thank you for that, for I learned how to make mistakes with grace and be there without judgement for my own children.

You loved your life, your family and your friends. You were the hardest worker I know and lived such a simple life. There are so many stories that I could share but l will keep them in my own memories. I miss you so much. 


For family and friends, a Celebration of Life will be held Saturday, May 13, 2017 at 11 a.m. at the Eagles in Tonasket, Washington.

Bergh Funeral Service and Crematory in care of arrangements