Eric Donald Gilge

Eric Donald Gilge, 36, of Omak, passed away on May 13, 2010 due to complications from juvenile diabetes.

He leaves behind his wife Lisa Gilge and sons Troy Gilge (13) and Justin Ryan (2 months), all residing in Okanogan.

Eric was born on May 18, 1973 in Seattle, Washington to Charlene (now Alexander, of Oroville) and Gary Gilge. He was the fourth son born to this couple who were thrilled with his arrival after several miscarriages and the neonatal passing of their son, Dean. Eric is survived by older brothers, Duane Gilge (Okanogan) and Ron Gilge (Okanogan) a younger sister, Tawnie Bailey (Coeur d’ Alene) and a younger brother, Chad Gilge (Okanogan).

Unlike most middle children, Eric was not one to lie quietly as the world passed him by. He was the first to break a silence and the first to laugh. He had a sparkle in his eye all through childhood that was a hint of the mischief that he would get into during his teen years. He played baseball all through elementary school and then started speed skating. Although he was incredibly intelligent, he was always looking for excitement and traded his studies in for a good time. During his teen years, a building fell on him which crushed his pancreas. He was diagnosed with diabetes shortly thereafter. Eric loved fast vehicles and working on cars.

Eric met his wife Lisa in Oregon. They married and lived in Seattle, where they tried for over to a year to have a child. They were blessed with their son, Troy. Eric was excited by the unexpected arrival of Justin.

Eric was preceded in death by his sidekick Benji, his father Gary Gilge, brother Dean Gilge and grandparents Hazel and Robert Kester and Irene Gilge.

He was noisy and enjoyed shocking people with his stories. He loved his family, adored his wife and lived for his sons. He will be missed.

Eric was laid to rest on May 18th in Oroville.