Delicia Ann Appel

Delicia Ann Appel was born on June 30, 1960 to Howard and Susan Appel and passed away on March 27, 2021.

Delicia Ann Appel

Delicia Ann Appel

When Licia found out she had advanced cancer she decided to forgo treatment and live as well as she could, while she could. Her reasoning was sound; she wasn’t scared to die. After all, she had died in surgery before… and it had been a pretty nice experience.

Delicia Ann Appel was born on June 30, 1960 to Howard and Susan Appel and passed away on March 27, 2021.

Delicia is survived by her sister, Janice McDaniel (Bill); brother, John Appel (Mary); brother, Chet Appel (Vicky); favorite sister, Goldie Kelso (Jim); cats, Zeke and Charlie and many nieces, nephews and friends. She was preceded in death by our parents, Howard and Susan Appel; brother, King Appel and sister, Judy McDaniel and many well-loved pets.

Not one to be idle, Delicia kept busy with a variety of jobs throughout her life. She worked on a ranch, caring, spoiling and showing Alpacas for many years; landscaping for the Spokane Airport; road crew for Okanogan County; humane officer in Oroville; in-home caregiver for pretty much anyone that needed it… not to mention playing drums with the Hagar Twins from Hee-Haw (might not have been a full-time gig, but it made the cut).

Delicia always had a way with animals; wild birds would land on her shoulder, cows would run to her when she moo-ed, dogs and cats were always her best friends. Critters know a gentle (and kindred) spirit when they meet one. One of her smartest and very best dogs was Fritz. Someone she knew asked her to put him down… said he wasn’t trainable and too skittish. She took him out to the back 40, fished out the last bullet and tossed the empty box aside. Looking up after she was done loading… there was Fritz… standing in front of her with the empty shell box in his mouth. So she threw it again. And he brought it back again. Turns out he was trainable… and smart. People took notice and would ask what kind of dog he was. Licia’s simple reply was always “Good Dog.” Needless to say, Fritz was her well-loved and constant companion for many years.

As well as being a friend of animals, Delicia followed in the family footsteps and was a friend of the motorcycle. She was five-years-old when she got her first one. A Yamaha Chappy. It was the beginning of a long list that just got bigger and faster. Delicia always said there’s no freedom like riding a motorcycle… and she was right.

Delicia also had a way with words. When she was about three-years-old, her Sunday school class was in front of the congregation reciting Bible verses. When it was Delicia’s turn she told the pastor she couldn’t remember hers, but knew one her dad taught her. The pastor agreed, and much to his (and her father’s) dismay, she happily recited, “Higgledy, piggledy, my black hen, she lays eggs for gentlemen. None for Olie, none for Gus, my old hen’s a particular cuss!”

Per her wishes, there will be no funeral. She’d much rather go out with a bang and so requested cremation… with the promise that her pockets be filled with popcorn kernels. I think we can rest assured, Licia is happily playing on her drums in heaven, fast and loud, with a big old grin on her face!

A special thanks to all the friends and family who made her last months special; Joy, Danny, Sandy, Chris, Zeke and Charlie. If you would like to do something nice on Delicia’s behalf, donations are being accepted for the continued care of Zeke and Charlie.

Bergh Funeral Service & Crematory is in care of arrangements.

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