Arloha Brattain Scriver

Arloha Brattain Scriver was born on April 29, 1941, to John and Dorothy Brattain. The eldest of three, she spent most of her growing up in a little house just north of Tonasket, Washington.

Early on she developed a love of reading which stuck with her for the rest of her life. In high school, she demonstrated an aptitude for mathematics which she would develop into a career. After a short time as bookkeeper for her father’s logging company, she got a job working for Mark Hancock in Oroville, Wash. She would continue to work for him for the next four decades preparing people’s taxes and keeping their financial records in order.

Many of those years would be spent living on Pine Creek, not far from where her family homesteaded in the 1880s. After raising two children, Arloha followed her husband, Slim Scriver, to Alaska. Living for a time in Wasilla, Alaska, she enjoyed exploring the area and meeting many amazing people. She would have stayed there forever but life drew her back to Washington. After Slim passed away, she moved to Spokane.

Eventually, she retired and spent her time doing what she loved… researching her family’s genealogy, hanging out with her grandchildren and visiting cemeteries. Arloha had a love of travel and explored much of the Pacific Northwest, drove to Alaska three times, went as far away as Scotland (on the trail of her ancestors) and, over the course of several summers, drove by herself almost every mile of the Oregon Trail (again pursuing her ancestors). Her collection of dozens and dozens of history books is further evidence of her love of the past.

After fighting a short yet feisty battle with dementia, she succumbed on October 22, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was preceded in death by her loving parents, hilarious brother and hell-raising husband. She is survived by her beautiful sister, two successful children and five amazing grandchildren.

Services will be held in the spring after the ground thaws as is fitting for the daughter of a logger.