Tonasket plans a Peachy Festival Aug. 20th

The Tonasket Community Cultural Center will host the first annual Peach Festival, Sunday, Aug. 20.

NORTH COUNTY- The Tonasket Community Cultural Center will host the first annual Peach Festival, Sunday, Aug. 20.

The event starts at 2 p.m. and will be a celebration of peaches and the way they make everything “just peachy.”

“The CCC is a non-profit organization that has done things throughout the last 33 years to support local farmers, local artisans, children, veterans, people who have adverse financial situations in their lives. We have continually put forth effort to draw attention to those things and support people who are up and coming,” said CCC Executive Director Concetta Mazzetti.

Mazetti said the community is surrounded by amazing craftsmen and farmers.

“We have a Garlic Festival. There is the Apple Blossom Festival down in Wenatchee, we have Founders Day, we have all of these holidays that focus on other parts of our community but what about peach farmers? They need some credit for all of their hard work.” chuckled Mazzetti.

Although Washington state is known for its apples, Washington produced 7,500 tons of peaches in 2022, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Mazetti said the Peach Festival is something she is really excited about and invites all of the community to join in on the “peachy” event.

“I’ve talked to 15 different peach farmers and ten of them have committed to come and bring different varieties of peaches. There are a bunch of volunteers who have offered to make recipes with peaches featured at the show. We will have recipes for sale, and you can taste the peaches, and get out of the rut of peach cobbler and peach jam,” said Concetta.

Festival visitors can expect live music and lots of vendors. They will have an opportunity to take a bite out of the juicy sweetness of some of Okanogan County’s freshest peaches, while experimenting with what can be done with a peach.

“We will be outside of the realm of what is normally considered yummy things to do with peaches.” said Concetta.

For some, summer isn’t summer until the first bite of a sun ripened peach. Locals and travelers alike are invited to bring their friends and family and to have a “real peach” of a time.