Tonasket City Council still considering four way stop at 4th and Whitcomb

TONASKET – The city council is still considering placing a four-way stop at the intersection of Fourth and Whitcomb after a Department of Transportation representative attended their meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 27.

Janene Ring with the Washington State DOT attended the city council meeting to discuss the pros and cons of having a four-way stop at that intersection in Tonasket. After she spoke with the city council members, they continued the discussion to a later date without making any decisions.

During this meeting, the city council also looked at the Preliminary Budget Report for 2010 compared to numbers from 2009 and looked at the 2010 Ad Valorem Ordinance Explanation provided by City Clerk Alice Attwood.

“The 2009 City of Tonasket’s Property Valuation is $36,754,533,” according to the explanation. “Property taxes are assessed per $1,000 of value. $36,754,533/1000=36,754.53 x 3.10 (the city’s current tax rate) is $113,939.05 – the amount to be received this year.”

The explanation goes on to state that the city can increase the property tax rate by one percent over 2010, increase the valuation to $44,377,696, a 21 percent increase, increase somewhere between the two rates or not increase at all, which Attwood does not recommend.

Although the city council members were presented with an ordinance to fix the amount to be raised by ad valorem taxes for the year 2010, they did not make a decision on it and tabled the discussion to a future meeting.

Also during the meeting, Phil Christy was appointed to the Civil Service Commission and the council approved the U.S. Census Bureau setting up a table or booth in the foray for questions and answers about the upcoming 2010 Census.

The city council will be purchasing a plaque to put the names of everyone who donated money for the holiday lights. This plaque will be put in city hall.

Finally, the city council approved Attwood spending up to $3,000 to purchase holiday banners to go on the poles without new holiday lights.

The next city council meeting is on Tuesday, Nov. 10.