Okanogan County has largest increase in COVID-19 cases

Pubic Health reporting largest increase in COVID-19 cases in Okanogan County since testing began.

OKANOGAN – Okanogan County Health is reporting the largest increase in COVID-19 cases since testing began for the virus in the county.

In their Tuesday, June 30 update, the agency said there have been 22 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 since Friday. The majority of the cases are in Brewster, which had 16, followed by Okanogan with three, Tonasket with two and Nespelem with one.

“This is the largest increase in cases that we have had in Okanogan County. As COVID-19 disease activity is increasing in our county it is more important than ever to protect one another by wearing a mask in public places, physical distancing, and staying home if you have COVID-19 or have been around someone with COVID-19,” says Public Health.

Of the 115 confirmed cases, there have been two deaths. The number of samples that have been sent for testing to this date is 2763. Of those, 2510 have returned negative results and 138 are still pending.

The next COVID-19 Update will be Tuesday July 7, 2020. Case counts will continue to be updated at: https://www.okanogandem.org/novel-coronavirus19-covid-19.

With Our Right’s Come Responsibilities

As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s independence – please remember we each have a right and responsibility to celebrate responsibly, says Public Health.

  • Practice domestic tranquility by honoring each other to practice and promote healthy hygiene practices.
  • Provide for a common defense against COVID by exercising safe physical distancing.
  • Promote general welfare by wearing a face covering when unable to safely physical distance from each other.
  • Secure liberty for yourself and for our posterity by remembering that by practicing hand washing, physical distancing from each other and wearing face coverings when needed we are exercising our rights in a responsible manner.