Nearly all positive COVID-19 cases in Okanogan County have recovered

Those with virus no longer at risk for worsening illness

OKANOGAN – The number of people that have tested positive for COVID-19 has remained at 14 for the past few days, with Okanogan County Public Health stating that 13 have recovered as of their Thursday, April 16 update.

So far, 373 samples have been sent for testing, with 321 samples returning negative test results. Thirty-eight test results are still pending, according to Public Health.

“Okanogan County Public Health is reporting no new cases today. The total confirmed cases in Okanogan County is still 14,” said the agency.

Of the confirmed cases, seven were on the Colville Reservation, five in the Methow Valley, one in North County (Oroville to Riverside) and one in South County.

“A note on the recovered category: recovered is being classified as most symptoms have subsided and the individual is no longer at risk of worsening illness,” writes Public Health in their update. “However, many people who have had COVID-19 report some mild symptoms and fatigue for many weeks after illness.”

Self-Quarantining While Waiting for Test Results

Anyone who has been tested for COVID-19 and has not yet received test results should be self quarantining at home. When waiting for test results, you should not leave your home for any reason except to go the doctor if needed.

Public Health Contact Tracing

Okanogan County Public HealthOkanogan County Public Health has partnered with an existing vendor – HealthSpace USA – to implement a secure electronic contact tracing tool. They expect to go live with system on Monday April 20, 2020. The system allows public health to enter data of all COVID-19 cases, exposures, and possible exposures, and send those citizens a secure survey daily by text and/or email to monitor any symptoms, provide testing information if needed, and help support our community — to flatten the curve — through this difficult time.

Healthcare providers will also be able to report cases directly to Public Health through the system, allowing Public Health to do more thorough contact tracing.

Contact tracing, along with rapid and abundant testing, is essential to bring this pandemic under control, and help to restore and reopen our communities, and country. We appreciate the cooperation of our citizens and communities in this effort.

For more information on COVID-19

The state Department of Health Call Center 1-800-525-0127 Press # after the prompt

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