Legislature approves tax incentives to help bring jobs to 7th Legislative District

Rep. Shelly Short  (R-Addy)
Rep. Shelly Short (R-Addy)

OLYMPIA – Late Friday night, June 30, the Legislature approved a new tax exemption for silicon smelter facilities.

The exemption was included as part of Senate Bill 5977, a broad effort Sen. Shelly Short supported to provide tax relief for businesses across the state.

“About two years ago I was approached by a silicon smelter company looking to locate in northeast Washington,” said Short, R-Addy. “From that day forward I and others have done everything possible to create a business climate that would encourage them to locate here. This critical piece of legislation is a key component to bringing family-wage manufacturing jobs to northeast Washington.”

The bill also includes a 40-percent reduction in the state’s manufacturing business-and-occupation tax. Manufacturers in the 7th Legislative District and across the state will now enjoy the same preferential tax rate that Boeing does.

Since 2000, rural Washington has suffered a 19-percent reduction in manufacturing jobs. Short said reducing the manufacturing B&O tax rate will allow manufacturers across the state to compete on a level playing field with Boeing, which has been paying the lower rate for several years.

Short added, “Many others played a critical role in passing this legislation, and I am so thankful for their support throughout this process.”