Law enforcement makes several arrests in local thefts

Charges range from trafficking to burglary to unlawful possession of firearms

OKANOGAN – After a lengthy investigation by the sheriff’s office and local police departments, several arrests have been made in connection with a spate of burglaries and thefts taking place in the county.

“For the last several weeks several law enforcement agencies, including the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office, Omak Police Department, Tonasket Police Department, Oroville Police Department and the Washington Fish and Wildlife Department, have been working on several different cases,” said Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers. “A lot of these cases involved burglaries, residential burglaries and thefts involving vehicles, trailers, chainsaws and several other items.”

Arrested were: Brandy M. Summers, 36, of Tonasket; Thomas D. Summers, 41, of Tonasket; Daggon D. Chaska, 21, of Tonasket; Kyle L. Campbell, 25, of Oroville; Xavier L. Smith, 21, of Oroville, David J. Donovan, 57, of Tonasket  and Mark Vincent Napoli, 44, Tonasket.

The burglaries and thefts ranged from Okanogan and Omak to Tonasket and Oroville and to several areas in between each of the towns. Some of the sheriff office cases involved burglaries and thefts at residences on Highway 20 out of Tonasket between May 21 and May 22. Other burglary and theft cases occurred on Jennings Loop Road out of Oroville on May 25 and another burglary and theft on Barker Road out of Tonasket on May 27, according to the sheriff.

“In addition there have been several lawn mowers and yard equipment stolen in Okanogan and the surrounding area of Omak and Okanogan,” the sheriff said.

Law enforcement agencies executed many search warrants at residences where large amounts of stolen property have been recovered, according to Rogers. A search warrant executed by the sheriff’s office at 221 Cobey Creek Road on June 5 resulted in the recovered several thousand dollars of stolen property, which included yard equipment, rifles, chainsaws, clothing, generators, tools, compressors and air tanks, said Rogers, adding that a large portion of the stolen items from the county cases have been recovered and returned to the victims of some of these cases.

“It has been an incredible amount of work and they did an excellent job on this case. The team effort and communication between all of the agencies who worked on these cases was impressive and a huge part of why they were able to solve so many cases and make so many arrests. All of the agencies involved should be commended on the work they did,” said Rogers.

Charges on those arrested varied from trafficking first degree, residential burglary, burglary, possession stolen property second degree, possession of a stolen vehicle, theft third and unlawful possession of firearms.

Campbell, who was arrested May 28, was charged in Okanogan County Superior Court on May 30 with first degree trafficking in stolen property. Campbell was also charged, along with Smith, who was arrested May 31, with residential burglary, second degree burglary and third degree theft in connection with the May 25 burglary on Jennings Loop Road.

The Summers, who were arrested May 27, were each charged on May 30 with possession of a stolen motor vehicle and second degree possession of stolen property in connection with incidents that occurred on May 22 and May 27.

The court found probable cause to charge Mark Vincent Napoli, 44, Tonasket, with first-degree trafficking of stolen property and probable cause to charge Donovan with second-degree possession of stolen property and one charge of felon in possession of a firearm.

About those arrested and whether they worked together or separately, the sheriff said that although the suspects apparently knew each other, most were operating on their own.

“The investigations are still on going with additional charges are possible and additional arrests to be made,” said Rogers.


Daggon D. Chaska

David J. Donovan

Thomas D. Summers

Kyle L. Campbell