The tyranny of world government

Dear Gary,

After reading the front page article “City sets Critical Areas Workshop,” I wonder why the public didn’t provide any comments on the updates to Oroville’s Critical Areas/Comprehensive Plan Amendments. Has the public become tired of going to meetings and workshops that inform them of the “new” rules that govern the use of lands that have been deemed “critical areas” by people who don’t live here?

Where do these rules and ordinances come from? What constitutes a Frequently Flooded area anyway? Will those who impose these “new” rules compromise with the City of Oroville if the city council says no to the Comp Plan, Shoreline Master Program and Critical Areas designations? Do the people of this nation think it is a good thing to adopt rules that come from a foreign power, when it comes to our land?

As a suggestion to the council maybe they should get the book by Rene’ Holaday entitled “The Perils of Sustainable Development” and see how critical areas, Comp. plans and shoreline master plans fit nicely into the Agenda 21 plan by the United Nations for the united States?

The time for saying NO to this sewage that comes to us in the form of these foreign rules is long past. We are spoon feed this stuff like it is supposed to be good for us.

How do the Comp. Plan and private property rights work together? Does our constitutional right to private property trump the Marxist Comp. Plan in designated areas? Is the State the real mastermind of the Shoreline Master Program?

And the statement “will likely see additional changes after the city adopts the program” is a bit of an understatement, “additional changes” is one of the defining attributes of government.

Should we continue to give up private property rights for the “greater good” of the environment and the tyranny of world government?

Steve Lorz