Hot and dry weather continues into July

Excessive heat will continue to periodically plague areas east of the Cascades in the coming days, as parched summer weather looks to remain persistently entrenched over the region, according to AgWeatherNet.

The general trend in time is expected to be hot weekend temperatures yielding to less hot conditions by Monday, as a breezy push of marine air temporarily ameliorates the heat. Later in the period, however, the east may experience another round of hot weather.

It is too early to pinpoint the details; but at present, 100 to 105 degrees seems likely for hot spots of central Washington.

The overall spatial trend should be a large west-east temperature gradient, as weak onshore flow is anticipated to maintain relatively mild weather for western Washington, and especially for the coast. Otherwise, aside from some coastal marine clouds, dry and mostly sunny weather is forecast to linger for a while.

Unfortunately for folks east of the Cascades, anything that is filtering the intense daytime sun in the near future is just as likely to be smoke as clouds.

For the complete AgWeatherNet Weekly Weather Outlook for July 8 to July 14, 2017, please click the following link: