Four seek crown of May Festival Queen

Candidates for the 2011 Oroville May Festival Queen are (clockwise from top left) Madison Hatch, Kelsey Hughes, Naomi Peters and Kylie Richardson.

Candidates for the 2011 Oroville May Festival Queen are (clockwise from top left) Madison Hatch, Kelsey Hughes, Naomi Peters and Kylie Richardson.

OROVILLE – The selection of the 2011 Oroville May FestivalQueen and Princesses will take place on Monday, Jan. 17 at 7 p.m. in theOroville High School Commons.

The community is invited to attend Selection Night, the onlyplace where voting is held this year, to help select the queen and her court.This year’s candidates are Madison Hatch, Kylie Richardson, Kelsey Hughes andNaomi Peters, all juniors at Oroville High School. They have each provided ashort biography about themselves, their families, school and activities:

Naomi Peters

Hi, my name is Naomi Peters and I am one of four candidatesrunning for Oroville May Festival Queen 2011. My parents are Laara and Stephen(Thomas) Kessler. My siblings are David, Rachel and Kali. I am a 17-year-oldjunior at Oroville High School. I’ve lived in Oroville all my life and have cometo truly appreciate and love our community.

While attending high school I’ve participated in sports andother extracurricular activities. I play soccer, basketball and track. I amcurrently treasurer for Future Business Leaders of America and the StudentCouncil. I am an active supervisor with the U.S. Border Patrol Explorers whereI volunteer for community service activities such as Shop With a Cop and localfood drives. I also maintain an Honor Roll level GPA.

When I complete high school I plan to attend a four-yearuniversity where I hope to earn a degree in journalism or reporting. I am alsointerested in the medical and athletic fields, so I’m considering a major orminor in them as well. I know college is going to be an incredible experienceand will open up many opportunities.

I have loved growing up here and watching the parade eachyear. Being May Festival Queen would be such a wonderful experience andopportunity. Oroville is an amazing place to live and I would be honored torepresent our community as Queen. I wish the best of luck to my friends andfellow candidates Madison Hatch, Kelsey Hughes and Kylie Coffelt-Richardson.

Kelsey Hughes

Hello, my name is Kelsey Hughes and I am a candidate foryour 2011 May Festival Queen. I was born in Omak and have lived in Oroville mywhole life. My parents are Jack and Mary Hughes, my siblings are Melissa,Jacob, Jeremy and Connor and my grandparents are Doris Hughes, Grace Hughes andthe late Lloyd Hughes.

I am a 17-year-old junior at Oroville High School. I hold a4.0 cumulative GPA and I am very active in many school activities. I amcurrently the sergeant of arms in the High School ASB and I am Vice Presidentof FBLA. I’m involved in many extracurricular activities such as varsitybasketball, track and soccer. My community involvement consists of Gifts forKids, Annual Christmas Bazaar, Shop With a Cop and the annual Booster ClubAuctions. After high school I plan to attend Gonzaga University and major inbusiness law.

During the summer I work for my family’s business DiscountFireworks and I have also held a part time job at Princes Food Center. For funI enjoy swimming and hanging out with friends. My greatest passion is for myhorses, Tiki and Seven.

Even though Oroville is a small town, it has been an amazingplace to grow up in. Oroville is a very supportive community and I am lucky tolive here. I wish the best of luck to Madison, Naomi and Kylie.

Kylie Richardson

Hello, I am Kylie Coffelt Richardson and I am running for2011 May Festival Queen. My father and step-mother are Tod and SharonRichardson, mother and step-father are Silvie and David Hilstad, as well as mytwo sisters Maddy Coffelt Richardson and Sandra Hilstad. I am 16-years-old anda junior at Oroville High School. I have lived in Oroville all my life.

I am a member of FBLA and was president for two years. Ihave been a part of the yearbook staff, as well as the Missoula Children’sTheatre. I am a part of the local Belly Dancing troupe. I have attended WASC(Washington Association of Student Councils) which is a leadership conference.I enjoy fishing, hunting, camping, horseback riding, trapshooting, cooking andphotography. I have volunteered my time for the Molson Museum and the OrovilleGun Club.

I have always enjoyed being part of May Day. Riding a float,skipping down the parade or playing in the band. I love May Day. Watching theparade or being a part of it always makes me feel like I am part of the largefamily I call Oroville.

After high school I plan to move to Spokane where I plan toattend either Spokane Community College or ITT Tech. I plan to study Law orCulinary Arts.

I am exited that I have a chance to represent my community.I wish Kelsey, Naomi and Madi my best wishes for the upcoming Selection Night.

Madison Hatch

My name is Madison Margaret Hatch. I am running to be your2011 May Festival Queen. I am the daugher of Bill and Moya Hatch. I have onesister, Courtnie Mirabelli and two brothers, Will and Alexander Hatch. I ama  17-year-old junior at Oroville Highschool.

As an active member of my school and community there aremany extracurricular activities I have enjoyed being involved in over theyears. I represent our school as the ASB secretary. I love being involved indifferent categories of student council. I have also held the position ofpresident and vice president of my class. I enjoy being a member of FBLA andalso I am the representative to the State FBLA board. Other clubs I have beenenrolled in are the “O” Club and TATU. Another great passion of mine is to beinvolved in a variety sports. These have included soccer, track and basketball.I feel that school spirit is very important and I know that when I’m notinvolved in an activity I enjoy cheering for my classmates. I believe that it’snot only important to represent my school but also my community and myself inthe best way that I can.

Community involvement is important to me, which is why Ihave had fun devoting time to help out with organizations such as the SeniorCenter, Eagles organization and raising money for various fundraisers. If Iwere given the opportunity to represent Oroville as the 2011 May Day royalty Iwould continue to work hard as a positive role model and an ambassador to ourcommunity.

In the future I plan on attending Washington StateUniversity. I look forward to the 2011 May Festival and am excited to beinvolved in every way possible. I wish the best of luck to Kelsey, Naomi andKylie.