Out of My Mind 21

Time to welcome innew decade with new year

The end of 2010 marks the end of the first decade of the21st Century – with the dawning of 2011 it’s time to welcome in a new decadealong with the new year.

The 21st Century and the past decade started with the worstterrorist attack our nation has ever seen. And despite nearly a decade offighting two wars, an end to terrorism doesn’t appear to be in our sights. For2011 our New Year’s wish is that we can see the true resolution to these warsand bring our troops home. In the new decade let our wish also be that theremaining war on terrorism is one we can finally and safely put behind us.

Also in 2011, we wish the economic crisis comes to an endand we can get back to business with the resolution of better controls to avoida repeat. A fitting wish might also be that our new legislature guide ournation wisely and in such a way as to not leave our future generations with adebt they can’t dig out of, while making sure the basic needs of the citizensdo not go unattended. It’s a hard balance to strike, no matter who is in chargeof the two houses of Congress.

Lastly let’s wish those struggling to find stable employmentdo so soon and those still struggling to pay their mortgage can save theirhomes. May everyone have enough good food to eat and a dry, warm place tosleep.

And perhaps the most personal New Year’s wish of all, mayall our families and friends remain happy and healthy – both physically andspiritually in the coming new year and all throughout the new decade.