DOT will be at Feb. 22 Tonasket City Council meeting

TONASKET – During the Tonasket City Council’s meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 8, City Clerk Alice Attwood announced that the Washington State Department of Transportation will be present at the council’s Tuesday, Feb. 22 meeting to answer questions and discuss projects.

The council heard from Contract City Planner Kurt Danison regarding several topics.

“We’re not quite done entering all of the surveys that were returned, but it’s worth a peek,” Danison said of the park and recreation surveys. “This should give the council somewhat of an idea of where the community is at regarding the pool and parks.”

The incomplete survey results state that 241 of 572 people visit the Tonasket parks infrequently (less than four times a year) while 173 visit them often (one to four times per month) and 329 people state they visit the Tonasket swimming pool. The incomplete results also state that 324 people would like to see a water park added to the Tonasket parks and that 405 people would like to see slides added to the Tonasket pool and 340 people would like to see a play area for toddlers and young children added to the pool.

Danison also told the council that the city’s Shoreline Master Plan is pretty close to being done and that the county is still working on the Comprehensive Master Plan but the concern with that right now is the draft version doesn’t really address airports or the protection of airports. The county is hosting three meetings in the coming weeks with the last one to be held in Oroville on March 1 to discuss the Comprehensive Master Plan.

Attwood told the council they should soon be receiving some answers from the Washington State Department of Ecology and the Community Development Block Grant people regarding grants the city applied for in order to fund the water/sewer project south of town to help clean up Bonaparte Creek.

Finally, the city also approved an application for a planning-only grant for the water system update project.

The next Tonasket City Council meeting will be on Tuesday, Feb. 22 at 7 p.m. in city hall.