Tesla BioHealing Reviews – Do Tesla BioHealer Products Actually Work?

Were you ever informed of the therapeutic benefits of bioenergetic medicine? If not, this branch (combining psychodynamic psychotherapy) has been shown to manipulate a particular bioenergetic pathway that liberates people suffering from anxiety, paranoias, and several other mental health disorders [1,2]. Realistically, this treatment can extend to alleviating some kinds of neurodegenerative conditions and cancers.

So, how might individuals tap into the alleged path to healing? This is the place to be, as the following review intends to introduce a team “devoted to providing life-giving solutions previously untapped by illuminating the role of natural cellular activation as a new way to address disease.” Here’s Tesla BioHealing™ along with a glimpse into their company, accessible goods and services, and pricing among others.

What is Tesla BioHealing™?

Headquartered in Milford, Delaware, Tesla BioHealing™ is a company on a mission to develop the next generation of energy-based biomedical technology founded on the principles established by Nikola Tesla. Their efforts have led them to founding proprietary FDA-registered medical devices that are proclaimed to “leverage Life Force Energy with a deep understanding of biology, physics, and chemistry.” To fully understand the branch of medicine that Tesla BioHealing™ aims to bring to the spotlight, we must first unearth their goods and services.

What does Tesla BioHealing™ have to offer?

Individuals have the option to purchase a good or attend an in-person service that might elevate bodily energies. Before choosing a relief system, health goals must be assessed, which in turn will direct one towards what’s necessary for healing. Below is a summary on what is currently available:

Tesla BioHealer™ (for Adults, Children, and Pets 2.0)

The Tesla BioHealer™ is an FDA-registered OTC medical device that supposedly generates a field of pure Life Force Energy. This solution is recommended for people with mild to moderate conditions and diseases, while potentially tending to severe situations as well. To get started, each Tesla BioHealer™ unit must be positioned within three feet of the affected area for at least eight hours a day. In general, the closer their easily transportable devices are, the stronger the Life Force Energy.

Besides the aforesaid, each use (morning and/or night) may reduce pain, promote blood circulation, naturally increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels, facilitate DNA synthesis, strengthen cells’ resistance to harmful environmental factors, and may serve as a natural depressant to list a few. Tesla BioHealer™ for Children works similarly and is only safe for those 5 years old and above. Finally, we have our fury friends, who also can reap the benefits of energy transformation. In particular, individuals may want to consider this solution for a beloved cat, dog, bird, and other household-sized animals.

Tesla BioHealing™ MedBed Generators™

The Tesla BioHealing™ MedBed Generators™ are also FDA-registered OTC medical devices, but these are over 100 times more potent that the Tesla BioHealers™. Regarding suitability, MedBed Generators™ are recommended for people with serious health conditions and diseases seeking quick and profound therapeutic improvement.

In the context of Life Force Energy, 4 Tesla MedBed Generators™ is equivalent to 400 Tesla BioHealers™! To make the most out of these units, individuals are encouraged to either place it underneath or next to a bedframe. Curiously enough, large outdoor animals like horses can also take advantage of MedBed Generators™. All things considered, Japanese customers can also purchase Tesla BioHealing™ products, however, they can be accessed separately.

1-Hour MedBed Session (Milford, DE, Butler, PA and Kearny, AZ)

Hourly MedBed sessions can be booked to foster improvements in one’s Life Force Energy journey. Matter-of-factly, a session supposedly suffices to induce feelings of recharge for the rest of the day. The Tesla BioHealing™ team trusts that “simply by laying on [their] Tesla MedBed, you will be receiving large quantities of Life Force Energy that the cells of your body can use as at will and as needed to begin re-charging and repairing your system.”

Overnight MedBed Session (Milford, DE, Butler, PA, and Kearny, AZ)

An in-person, overnight MedBed session (depending on the location) starts at 7pm and ends at 10am, where each person is designated a room for their entire stay. This might be of interest for anyone considering a Life Force Energy filled hotel stay with not only a room, but also a shower place, access to laundry amenities and a hotel environment.

Wellness Consultation & Bio-Well Energy Scan (Milford, DE, Butler, PA and Kearny, AZ)

The Wellness Consultation & Bio-Well Energy Scan consists of a thorough analysis on various energy levels and physiological systems throughout the body. This can help individuals understand essential steps to elevating their respective Life Force Energy. To get started either an independent session or one alongside MedBed™ can be booked together.

What is the perfect way to employ Tesla BioHealing™ products?

The Tesla BioHealing™ team took the time to analyze over 10,000 people’s feedback before arriving at the summarized recommendations by severity of health condition and age group:

Children (6 to 18 years old)

For children between 6 to 12 years old, one Child BioHealer™ should be placed near the shoulder or hip, whereas older children may need two units. In both cases, the BioHealer™ units must be utilized from three feet away for the first few nights before bringing them closer. Initial results can be felt within hours, but for a wholesome experience, this strategy must be consistently executed for a minimum of eight weeks.

Mild Conditions (Adults)

For mild conditions such as asthma, high blood sugar and pressure, mild muscle/nerve pain, sleep problems, ADHD, and autism, one adult BioHealer™ can tend to the body. Regarding its uses, it is the same as in the case of children and all other conditions to take after.

Moderate Conditions (Adults)

For moderate conditions such as lyme disease, COPD, localized injury and back pain, Alzheimer’s/dementia, epilepsy/seizure, erectile dysfunction, and infertility, either 2 MedBed Generators™ or 4 BioHealers™ is reckoned to help. To put these units to use, individuals should evenly (a shoulder for a shoulder) situate them.

Severe Conditions (Adults)

Finally, in cases pertaining to terminal cancers, stroke paralysis, intense chronic debilitating pain, gout, arthritis, and traumatic brain injury over two MedBed Generators™ or over four BioHealers™ must be purchased. Once again, a balance must be created in setting up these units for optimal Life Force Energy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is adenosine triphosphate (ATP)?

ATP is an energy-carrying molecule that captures chemical energy and stores them within our very cells, while releasing it in times of need. This is a critical component, as it dictates the efficacy of muscle contractions, nerve impulse and other chemical syntheses.

What is Life Force Energy?

Life Force Energy (or Tesla/Scalar Waves) is a force reckoned to positively affect living cells by increasing their ability to produce energy for the rest of the body. Research has linked Life Force Energy to healthy cellular ATP levels.

What are the purported benefits of Life Force Energy?

Besides increasing ATP levels, Life Force Energy is vital for natural healing and stem cells production, cellular repair, alleviated pain, reduced fatigue, strengthened immune system, and improved mental clarity, focus and sleep.

Are there any side effects to using the Tesla BioHealing™ technology?

Unlike chemical drugs, the Tesla BioHealing™ technology has not been correlated to any negative side effects. That said, people might experience discomfort as a result of natural detoxification or hypersensitivity. In this rare occasion, it is best to locate the BioHealer™ or MedBed™ units further away for a few days before bringing them in.

What makes Tesla BioHealing™ a superior brand next to competitors?

Features that permit Tesla BioHealing™ products to stand out next to leading brands include:

  • Availability without a prescription
  • Solutions are data-driven and clinically verified for safety and efficacy
  • An environment of highly concentrated Life Force Energy is created
  • Safe for anyone with a pacemaker or any kind of medical implant
  • May enhance the benefits of other energy therapies or traditional medicine treatments
  • Solutions that work independently of any mechanical or electrical energy source

How many Tesla BioHealing™ products should one buy?

Using multiple Tesla BioHealers™ may amplify the Life Force Energy field, developing a more powerful solution for people who require cellular support. Nevertheless, individuals should refer to the device recommendations provided above.

What are the early signs of Tesla BioHealing™?

The early signs suggesting Tesla BioHealing™’s effectiveness include better sleep, vivid dreams, increased energy and libido levels, ease of breathing, mental clarity, pain reduction, normalized bowel movements, and blood pressure and glucose levels. Of course, each person may experience certain health benefits to greater extents than others.

Will everyone see results with Tesla BioHealing™?

According to the team, 10 to 20% of users may not feel the Life Force Energy generated from their products. Nonetheless, early improvements are almost guaranteed in the form of subtle increases in energy, and vivid dreams. Luckily, 60% of people underwent physical differences, often describing the sensations as “soothing”, “tingling”, “warm waves”, and “electricity”. At minimum, the body will require four to six weeks of consistent use to reach a new level of wellbeing.

What if I am sensitive to energy?

For energy sensitive people, it is best to put each unit at least six feet from the body to start. After two days, the units must be brought closer with each passing day.

Do Tesla BioHealing™ services entail surgical procedures?

Tesla BioHealing™ provides natural, non-invasive, and powerful relief to those in need. For understanding on how to approach their collection of goods and services, individuals are encouraged to sign up for a free consultation.

Do Tesla BioHealing™ products have a shelf life?

All Tesla BioHealing™ products have a shelf life of three years. At the time of writing, exceeding three years is frowned upon.

How long will it take to receive Tesla BioHealing™ products?

All orders may be processed and fulfilled within three days of ordering them, however, this excludes delivery time. Depending on the carrier (UPS and UPS/FEDEX International) and location, shipments might be received anywhere between 5 and 20 business days.

What if Tesla BioHealing™ isn’t for me?

All Tesla BioHealing™ products have been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If their products do not work as advertised, the refund processes must be initiated within 60 days from the purchase date. The first step is to fill out a refund form here. For more clarity, customer service can be contacted in one of the following ways:

  • Phone: (302) 265 2213
  • Email: info@teslabiohealing.com
  • Mailing Address: 111 McCoy Street, Milford, DE 19963

What does science suggest about Tesla BioHealing™?

The team at Tesla BioHealing™ has since conducted a handful of research studies to assess the worthiness of their products. In so doing, they testified improvement in brain function when subjected to both the MedBed Generator™ and the Tesla BioHealer™. A before and after brain scan of one subject is available online. It supposedly depicts cellular repair after just six nights of exposure. Furthermore, damaged cells became “more healthy high-energy cells.” Fascinatingly, the rate of repair increased by 33%.

Another review that looked at the effects of BioHealer™ on symptoms linked to Parkinson’s disease over two weeks demonstrated healthy improvements. Precisely, a reduction in tremors were reported in the legs, hands, and wrists of one elderly woman. Additionally, her chronic urinary tract infections occurred less frequently, and both cognition and memory improved. Although these findings are based on an individualistic basis, the team have listed a series of references depicting the positive influence that absorbing Life Force Energy can have on the entire body.

How much do Tesla BioHealing™ goods/services cost?

Pricing will vary based on the selected product/service, quantities, and target market. Here is a quick price’s rundown on the official Tesla BioHealer website:

  • Tesla BioHealer™ (for adults): $599 to $,2995
  • Tesla BioHealer™ (for children): $399
  • Tesla BioHealer™ (for pets 2.0): $499
  • 2-Pack Tesla BioHealing™ MedBed Generators™: $19,999
  • 1-Hour MedBed™ Session: $120
  • Overnight MedBed™ Session: $300
  • Wellness Consultation & Bio-Well Energy Scan: $150

Tesla BioHealing™ has also joined forces with SweetPay to offer financing options. SweetPay provides access to actual loan offers and payment plans from top digital lenders using a fast common application. First a loan application must be completed. Then, rates that reflect one’s budget should be selected and e-signed with the lender. Finally, funds will be deposited within the next business day through ACH deposit. Another option is to pay four equal instalments, where sums are determined at checkout.

History Behind Tesla BioHealing™

Tesla BioHealing™ is based on the forever known Tesla or scalar energy. Discovered by James Clark Maxwell, Nikola Tesla stepped in to continue the former’s work. After 50 years of tirelessly working, Nikola invented machines that proved the existence of scalar energy or standing waves.

He was fascinated by this energy’s ability to be transmitted across long distances without any losses. Not surprisingly, he was swayed that scalar energy is one of the primal forces of nature, while being completely free and renewable. From there, Wardenclyffe Tower and Albert Einstein continued, but during their times resources were still limited. Below is an extract from the official website:

“Tesla BioHealing™ is inspired by Tesla’s discovery and harnessing the vital forces of natural to the service of mankind is exactly what we strive for. Tesla BioHealing™ has created proprietary FDA Registered Over-the-Counter Medical Devices that generate a field of pure Life Force Energy. We are proud to provide breakthrough medical technology built on the foundational science of Nikola Tesla’s work over 100 years ago.”

Final Verdict

Bioenergetic medicine is gradually becoming a go-to for resolving energy deficiencies, mitochondrial function, and naturally elevating ATP levels. These facets are reckoned to either make or break cellular health, which in the broader sense of things indicates our quality of life. With Tesla BioHealing™, individuals can now purchase at-home products that stimulate Life Force Energy for an array of benefits. For people who want to give their products a try before going all-in, their in-person services can be booked at select locations.

Though prices are fairly high, especially for the MedBed Generator™, a success rate between 80 and 90% is impressive. How can anyone neglect the benefits themselves, which range from improved sleep, libido, energy, mental clarity and breathing to reduced odds of pain, poor bowel movements and fluctuating blood sugar and pressure levels? In the process of cracking through Tesla BioHealing™’s operations, our editorial team was impressed by the wealth of knowledge and their level of transparency.

Everything from existing research, and educational resources down to a complete database of frequently asked questions regarding their products and services have been unveiled. Most of all, nothing has been sugar-coated, and this level of honesty is rarely found. While their products have not been approved by the FDA, at least the organization is aware of both Tesla BioHealing™ and their product offerings. In accordance with this analysis, we see worth in Tesla BioHealing™’s ambitions. To get started on your personal healing journey, find out more about Tesla BioHealing™ by clicking here! >>>


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