Soundwise Aria Hearing Aid Reviews: Is It Worth the Money to Buy?

Based on standard hearing examinations, 38 million people in the United States have a hearing problem. But only 20% of these people are doing anything about it.

You can be among the 20% by buying a good pair of hearing aids from reputable manufacturers. The Soundwise Aria Hearing Aid can help you recover your hearing.

The Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids feature cutting-edge ex-military tech. They are designed to cancel out background noise, intensify voices, and reduce tinnitus symptoms. They are an easy fit and come at a pocket-friendly price.

What are Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids

Priced at $499, Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids are exclusively available online. The hearing aids are designed to restore your overall hearing and may help lower the risk of dementia and falls in the elderly and retrain the brain to filter out background noises.

Thanks to their micro design, the hearing aids are virtually invisible, making it difficult to notice them in your ears. They are designed to provide superior sound without all the hassles and barriers of traditional hearing aids, such as multiple doctor visits and prohibitive cost.

How they work

According to Soundwise, the amplifier in the Aria Hearing aid raises the levels of voice while blocking unnecessary ambient sound, much like in traditional hearing aids.

Below is the process of how they work:

The Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids are equipped with controls to change the volume if needed. You can increase or reduce the sound intensity as required.

Features of the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids

Below are some of the features of the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids:

  • Discreet: they have a micro design that makes them unnoticeable.
  • Filters Background Noise: the hearing aids have an improved noise reduction capability, which can filter out background noise.
  • Military-grade Technology: The military-grade technology allows for the best possible sound experience.
  • Adjustable: they have built-in controls to adjust the noise levels as required.
  • Rechargeable: Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids are rechargeable.
  • Easy to use: no user manual is required. Take the hearing aids off the box, charge them, turn them on and insert them into your ear.
  • No Doctor visits required: You can purchase the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids today, without time-consuming doctor visits and expensive prescriptions.
  • It has digital sound amplification to hear everything you used to miss out on.
  • Pull strings to allow you to remove the hearing aids discreetly.
  • Nothing on the outer ear; you can use it while wearing a mask, glasses, or even an oxygen mask/ cannula.
  • Quick response: you get to hear within two minutes of placing the hearing aids in your ear.

Are Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids Affordable?

Hearing aids cost between $1,500 and $3,000 per pair. Most of these traditional hearing aids will require you to visit an audiologist several times, increasing costs; however, Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids are quite affordable as they cost only $499, with no pre-requisite office visits.

By selling these hearing aids online, Soundwise Company has cut out multiple in-betweens, from the doctor to the traditional hearing aid store, which helps make the devices affordable to users. It does this while still maintaining the quality of the product.

Soundwise has partnered with Dr. Kent Nunnally, who reviews the production and operation of the Aria devices. This has eliminated the need for individual patient visits, which can be costly. As a result of his expertise, Soundwise can sell quality hearing aids at a reduced price, saving thousands for their customers.

Who can Use Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids?

It can be obvious that you have lost your hearing capability and need hearing aids. If you can’t hear or struggle to hear basic conversations, hearing aids may remedy the situation. However, some people may not realize how much their hearing has worsened.

Whichever your scenario, here are some signs that you need hearing aids:

  • You frequently need things to be repeated
  • You have to keep turning up the volume on the TV or radio
  • You pretend to understand or laugh when you can’t hear what someone has said
  • People around you get frustrated, or you get frustrated with them and feel like you’d rather not talk to them anyway
  • You can’t hear conversations in public places because there’s too much background noise
  • Your balance has gotten worse, and you’ve started falling
  • You feel like you can’t focus and are having issues with poor mental clarity

Sometimes, hearing problems don’t just affect your ears. It can also be a symptom of or lead to a decline in cognitive abilities. Your inner ear is also responsible for your balance, so it can also lead to falls when your ears are damaged.

How Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids Help with Tinnitus

Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids also claim to offer a solution for tinnitus. According to information found on their website, Soundwise hearing aids are designed to stop the ringing in your ears. They do this by:

Retraining your brain through habituation, which basically just means helping your ears get used to the additional noise and begin to filter it out. Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids can also enhance the overall quality of your hearing by helping you focus more on outside sounds, not the ‘interior’ sounds of tinnitus.

How Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids Help Avert Dementia and Deadly Falls

According to Soundwise, their hearing aids can help prevent dementia and deadly falls.

The more damage to your ears, the worse your balance can become. Additionally, the more you feel isolated because you can’t hear others and have conversations easily, the higher your risk of developing dementia and cognitive issues.

In a study published on ASHA, researchers found that hearing loss can triple the risk of accidental falls. The risk increases sharply for every ten decibels of hearing loss.

Further research has shown that hearing loss can affect balance and cognition in three ways:

  1. When you can’t hear, you are less aware of your surroundings, often not noticing other people or activities around them.
  2. Your brain has to use more energy to hear and process sound. This can reduce the amount of attention or energy for balance.
  3. Hearing loss can reduce depth perception and lead to spatial issues, creating difficulty in determining your place relative to other objects in space.

Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from verified customers featured on Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids website:

According to a 72-year man, Aria Hearing Aids are the best hearing aids that he has ever used. He describes it as being superior to other models he has used before. He stated that the hearing amplifier is strong and well built to handle any mishaps like dropping without affecting its function. He further stated that the controls and amplifiers are easy to use. He concluded by saying that they compare favorably with more expensive units.

Another reviewer disposed of his old, expensive hearing aids. He enjoys using the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids as he can talk on the phone easily with them in. He also liked the fast shipping, having received them in less than one week.

One customer stated that he bought the Aria Hearing Aids for his 95-year-old mother. He stated that she was instantly amazed by the hearing aids since she had previously had very expensive hearing aids that didn’t work that well. She could finally hear her daughter talking in a normal voice from another room—something she hadn’t done in years.

Most of the reviews for the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids are positive, with many satisfied users stating that they are just as satisfied with these as with any more expensive products.

What is included in the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aid Kit?

The Soundwise Aria Hearing kit comes with everything you need. Each kit includes the following:

  • Charging case
  • Charging cord
  • 2 Aria hearing aids
  • Five ear domes for custom sizing
  • Volume control and cleaning device

Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids Pricing

Soundwise doesn’t process insurance claims, but it allows customers to pay using their FSA or HAS cards. Customers are advised to keep their invoices and submit a claim after purchase.

The company also has a loss protection policy. For an extra $97, Soundwise will replace up to two hearing aids for one year.

The Aria Hearing Aids kits cost $499 on the Soundwise website, but you can save money when you order two kits at once. The price is as follows:

  • One kit: $499 with free shipping in the US
  • Two kits: $749 with free shipping in the US
  • One Kit: three payments of $185 with free shipping in the US

Soundwise Refund Policy and Warranty

Soundwise offers a 1-year money-back guarantee and warranty. Customers unsatisfied with their hearing aids will receive a replacement from the company if possible. Also, if your hearing aids get damaged, the company will repair them for you or send a replacement. Please reach out to customer service via email at barb@getsoundwise.com for more information or to inquire about a refund.

About Soundwise

Kriss Berg and Dr. Kent Nunnally co-founded the Soundwise Company to manufacture hearing aids.

After his father began experiencing hearing loss, Berg began to research hearing aids and eventually decided to create his own hearing aid company with the help of Dr. Nunnally and Dr. Taylor, audiologists with years of experience in treating hearing loss and working on hearing aids.


Soundwise has launched a new affordable hearing aid that can be purchased online without any costly doctor visits or delays. The new hearing aid uses military-grade technology to help enhance hearing, minimize background noises, and assist in balance and cognition. You can learn more about Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids by visiting the official website! >>>


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