Contours Rx Lids By Design Reviews – Effective or Cheap Product?

Do you suffer from hooded eyes and are looking for a safe treatment method that does not involve surgery? Well, CounterRX is the answer to your prayers.

Hooded eyes are a natural condition that results from extra skin folding down from the eyebrow. Hooded eyes are very common, and there is no medical issue that hooded eyes can cause. However, as you age, your eyes get more hooded.

Sometimes, one eye appears more hooded than the other. Applying makeup to extremely hooded eyes can be complicated.

While most people have had to go through surgery or get botox injections to treat the issue, we offer a completely safe and less invasive method that can effectively treat your eye so you feel as beautiful as you look.

What are Lids by Design?

A Breakthrough Technology That Takes Years Off Your Appearance

An Instant Lift For Your Eyes!

Contours RX aimed to improve the beauty world and developed a revolutionary product that is turning heads in the beauty industry.

Lids by Design is an innovative product that offers an instant and effective solution to saggy, droopy, and hooded eyelids. Now you do not need to go through invasive surgery or painful injections.

Lids by Design consist of a corrective strip that instantly creates a contoured eyelid, giving you a natural and youthful appearance.

Lids by Design comes in a 6mm pack that creates the ideal eyelid lift. Big things come in small packages!

You can wear it every day to create your ideal eyelid lift, and it is perfect for a day in the office or a fashion statement when you go for a night out or on special occasions.

What is so great About Lids by Design?

LIDS BY DESIGN is guaranteed to work on any skin tone and eyelid!

Below are some features that set LIDS By Design apart from the rest.

Inclusive Design – LIDS BY DESIGN s a unique product includes a corrective strip created by beauty experts after excessive research. The strip is latex-free and hypoallergenic. Hence, it works with all skin types and does not cause adverse reactions.

Instant Results – Unlike painful treatments that can take weeks or months, LIDS BY DESIGN shows results instantly! You no longer have to stay in recovery and wait to see the results, the translucent strips blend with your skin as soon as they make contact, and you can enjoy your day.

Completely Safe! – LIDS BY DESIGN has been approved by a dermatologist as sage to wear all day, every day, and is extremely unlikely to cause any allergic reactions, so that you can use them freely.

Correct Asymmetry – Each eyelid is unique, like a snowflake. LIDS BY DESIGN can help correct the asymmetry of your eyes, so you no longer have to look at pictures and wonder why one eye looks bigger than the other.

Define Your Eyelids – Due to genetics or as you age, your eyelids can lose elasticity, making you look far older than you are or want to be. LIDS BY DESIGN can blend with your skin tone to give you a youthful look you desire.

Everyday Solution – LIDS BY DESIGN is a quick, easy, effective, and simple solution to hooded eyes that is safe to use daily and requires no recovery time or delay in results.

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What do Customers Think?

Nina Lopez from California writes;

“I had hooded and droopy eyes my entire life and was always scared of surgery and injection. At 50 years old, I was able to recover my eyelids thanks to LIDS BY DESIGN. I tried all sizes, and each gave me amazing results. I will be ordering again and again.”

Jennifer Coolwater from New York says;

“The product works very well with my eyelids, and makes me look ten years younger. I love it!”

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Represent Your Best Self with LIDS BY DESIGN

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You can buy them on their website here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is LIDS By DESIGN safe to use?

Answer: Yes. Lids BY DESIGN strips are medical-grade hypoallergenic made entirely from organic materials.

How long does a strip last?

Answer: A strip can last up to 24 hours when applied correctly. The organic-based adhesive strip should be applied to clean and dry eyelids. Ensure that eyelids are not oily or covered with makeup or moisturizer.

How many correcting strips are in each pack?

Answer: Each pack contains 80 dermatologist-approved strips.

Can I reuse the strip?

Answer: Each strip is made for single use and should be discarded once removed. However, if you want to improve the placement immediately after you put it on, you can remove and reapply the strip.

How soon will I see results?

Answer: The results are instantaneous and last until you remove the strip.

Can I use LIDS BY DESIGN to treat bags under my eyes?

Answer: No, the LIDS BY DESIGN strips are intended to treat only the upper eyelids.

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