Axis Klarity by Elomir [Review]

Axis Klarity is a supplement by Elomir that supports consumers with a dissolvable strip rather than a capsule or a powder they must prepare. The formula uses many proven ingredients, but they are only found in a proprietary blend to ensure that no other brand can replicate their work.

What is Axis Klarity?

Everyone needs a little support now and then to keep their body healthy. Most people don’t even know that their body isn’t healthy until things start to go awry, often signaled by digestive issues or even struggling to focus. The supplement industry has made it easy to find a remedy for nearly any problem consumers face, but they present a new problem – swallowing massive capsules to get the support.

The creators of Elomir Axis Klarity set out to offer a formula with immunity, digestive, and cognitive benefits, but packing all of this support into one capsule was seemingly overwhelming. Instead, they took a different route, putting the nutrients in a small strip the user puts on their tongue to dissolve. As it dissolves, it absorbs into the capillaries beneath the tongue and goes down the esophagus to digest in the stomach.

As the formula absorbs, consumers could experience:

  • Reduced stress.
  • Improved immunity.
  • Stabilized blood sugar.
  • Reduced toxins in the digestive system.
  • Better energy.
  • Improved cognition.

The list of benefits goes on and on, but the creators don’t waste time explaining each one. Instead, they highlight their exclusive delivery system, only requiring that the users place the Elomir Axis Klarity strip on their tongue, allowing it to dissolve gradually. The benefits will begin subtly, and there’s no need to follow with a glass of water to swallow it.

What Goes Into Axis Klarity?

To make Axis Klarity effective, the formula contains a proprietary blend that isn’t found anywhere else. The blend includes:

  • Cyclodextrin
  • Thiamine conjugate
  • N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine conjugate
  • Curcumin conjugate

Other ingredients are used to create the structure of the strips, including water, pectin, and other nutrients that aren’t necessarily active ingredients. Read on below to learn more about these ingredients that aren’t commonly seen in the average supplement.


Cyclodextrin is a sugar molecule, and it is commonly used in formulas in the pharmaceutical industry to improve the water solubility of other ingredients in a formula. Water solubility can play a significant role in the effectiveness of a formula, which is why it is essential to promote better stability and improve its bioavailability during digestion. Instead of directly offering its nutritional benefits, cyclodextrin supports the other ingredients in Axis Klarity.

Using small concentrations of cyclodextrin is entirely safe. While it is condensed into a proprietary blend that doesn’t release the total amount, the creators carefully select every ingredient for purity and safety.

Thiamine Conjugate

Thiamine, also known as vitamin B1, is an essential micronutrient the human body requires for healthy digestion. The body cannot make it on its own, which is why it is often found in dietary supplements and medications. Most people already get thiamine in their diet with whole grains, legumes, and some types of meat, but the ones who don’t already include it often have issues with urination, digestion, and more.

Very few people have any side effects from using thiamine because they need it to support the metabolism of glucose, amino acids, and lipids. Though it is available as a drug, it is used in Axis Klarity as part of a supplement that requires no approval from a doctor.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine Conjugate

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine is sourced from the amino acid – L-cysteine. The body needs amino acids because they provide the foundation for protein absorption. With incredible antioxidant support, consumers may be surprised that the Food and Drug Administration has already approved NAC as a drug. Still, it is not used as such in Axis Klarity.

Even if the user has too much NAC in their system, the side effects are mild, at best. With the right balance, this ingredient helps to purge the free radicals that can cause inflammation, digestive difficulty, and more. Sometimes, it is even used for asthma or cystic fibrosis treatment.

Curcumin Conjugate

The final ingredient of Axis Klarity – curcumin – is already fairly widespread in its own right. The substance comes directly from turmeric as the main active compound, reducing inflammation in such a profound way that it has been used for joint pain by individuals with arthritis. It has a soothing effect on inflammation, ensuring that users can relieve the soreness caused by it in their muscles, digestive system, and other areas of the body.

How to Buy Axis Klarity

While the Axis Clarity formula can be helpful, consumers don’t have to stock up immediately. Instead, the website allows them to take it for a test drive. By selecting “Yes! I Want Klarity!” on the official webpage for this product, they’ll be taken to an ordering page that gives them five strips for $25.

The 5-strip package is no more than a sample pack of what they could ultimately purchase after. They will need a valid credit card, but the website ensures that all payments are secure and safe. Plus, if the user decides that this remedy works for their digestive system, they can subscribe for monthly re-orders to get a complete refund on their sample pack order.


Axis Klarity provides users with a unique way of getting extra support for the body in oral strips for the tongue. As it gradually dissolves, users’ benefits go beyond the simple digestive supplement or immunity booster. Instead, the remedy purges toxins that can impact multiple organs at the same time. Without needing a cleanse or even a cup of water, consumers can test the strips for themselves with the exclusive deal offered for the sample pack.



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