We have an image to maintain

Dear Gary,

I have had a business in Oroville for the past seven years. My business is doing well and I thank the city managers for all they do to promote new enterprises.

As I watch main street come alive this past year with new store fronts, plants and flowers, road improvement and people out walking and shopping it seems to me that Oroville is on the rebound. This being said we all know that there is always room for improvement. I have noticed in the past month that Scott and Son Builders have taken to parking their equipment on the street for days on end Seeing street sweepers, septic tank pumpers, water trucks etc as you enter town from the north to me is not a very pleasing entry into Oroville. Do they not have a storage yard on Eastlake Road?

Oroville is a clean and quite place to live. I support every effort to keep it that way. We have a nice image, lets keep it that way. Come on guys, park that stuff someplace else please.

Jeff Bunnell