Supporting Spieth for mayor

Dear Editor,

We are writing to endorse Charles F. (Chuck) Spieth as the incumbent Mayor of Oroville.

With Chuck as Mayor, along with a competent City Council, the City of Oroville is on very stable financial ground. During the U.S. recession of the last five years, the City of Oroville has not laid off or furloughed any employees, or denied cost of living increases to any staff.

As part of being financially responsible to the citizens of Oroville, the Council has declined to accept grants that required matching funds (taxpayer money) to utilize the grants.

Several years ago, with Chuck as Mayor, the city acquired ownership of Osoyoos Lake State Park. The state was giving up ownership as they were losing money on the park. Ownership by the city has resulted in a positive cash flow to the extent Osoyoos Lake Veteran’s Memorial City Park income funds all of Oroville’s park system. During Mayor Spieth’s tenure, the city has expanded both water and sewer systems, built sidewalks on Main Street north to the city limits, annexed property on the east side of the Okanogan River and acquired new police cars, an ambulance and a fire truck.

Chuck’s leadership style has brought together all city departments into a comprehensive unit all working for the betterment of our community and it’s citizens.

So please join us in re-electing Charles F. (Chuck) Spieth, Mayor of Oroville.

Walt and Vicki Hart