Setting the record straight

Dear Gary,

I feel it necessary to clarify a couple of statements that were printed in a recent mail-out brochure in town that I believe could be misleading to the reader.

In August of this year, the City Council did authorize the transfer of Oroville’s remaining 2010 FAA Non-Primary Entitlement Funds of $100,500 to Felts Field in Spokane, which assisted that airport in completing a project that they were working on. Council’s decision was based on the following facts:

  1. It is common policy with FAA that if an airport does not have a shovel ready project that is eligible for the use of non-primary entitlement funds, they promote and request a transfer the funds to another small airport project. Their theory is that if all the money is not used, then less Federal Aviation monies will come to Washington State for use by small airports.
  2. FAA projects require a 10 percent match. Oroville’s next major airport project identified by FAA is moving the existing run-way 75′ closer to the hill in order to meet FAA’s required hangar and taxiway setbacks. Project cost estimate was $2,000,000 in 2007. It will take Oroville several years to save our required participation share. And, when Oroville does start the runway relocation project, it is anticipated that we will receive “transfers” from one or two other small airports as a “Thank you” for helping us help them in the past.
  3. FAA non-primary entitlement funds are not “grant dollars” per se, but an annual distribution from the federal government. Primary airports, such as Spokane International and SeaTac, receive a minimum of one million dollars each year. Smaller airports, such as Oroville’s Dorothy Scott International Airport, receive $150,000 each year. Eligible projects must be identified on the Airport Layout Plan, which State Aeronautics complete every 10 years, and on the city’s Airport Capital Improvement Plan, which needs to be approved by both State and Federal Aeronautics.

Thank you for allowing me space to set the record straight.


Chuck Spieth, Mayor