Planned Parenthood needs to go

Dear Editor,

Why do many Americans continue to support abortion as birth control when modern non-abortive birth control methods (i.e. the birth control pill, IUD’s, the patch, etc.) are available in so many forms and places these days? Abortion is far more dangerous to the mother than modern birth control methods, and is cruel to the unborn. It’s time for abortion to be abandoned as birth control. As a society we have made it cheap and easy for women to obtain other birth control methods.

Planned Parenthood, which receives large amounts of our tax dollars and performs huge numbers of abortions, should have ceased to exist decades ago, yet our society in general continues to support it. And Planned Parenthood certainly does not respect the body of the aborted baby as revealed in the recent video tapes of Planned Parenthood employees munching their food while discussing the distribution of dead baby body parts for profit. This is the result of treating unborn babies as nothing more than blobs of cells. Believing that, it becomes easy to treat their bodies as a commodity, to be sold to the highest bidder. This is a vile practice and should stop immediately.

For those who claim we need embryonic stem cells for scientific research, read the literature on stem cell research. Adult stem cells found in fully developed living people are now being used to treat disease. In fact, in 2012 two scientists working in this research area received the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

As for the women’s health services Planned Parenthood provides, many if not all of these services are now available through low income community health clinics.

Planned Parenthood was begun by Margaret Sanger, a nurse. Even Ms. Sanger advocated the use of contraception as a safer alternative to the higher risk and less acceptable procedure of abortion (see Margaret Sanger on Wikipedia). Continuing to promote abortion and then using the bodies of these babies as a revenue source must stop NOW. As a society, we cannot continue to condone these actions.

Abortion, selling dead babies’ bodies, and Planned Parenthood, it’s time for you all to go.

Chrystal Perrow