Letters to the Editor, Week 50

Outraged by judge’s decision

I am Sandra Taylor and am currently a secretaryfor District Court Judge-elect Henry Rawson. With that said I feel thateven though people may feel I am biased in writing this, the fact of the matteris as a voter I am truly outraged.

I am certain, that had Mr. Richard Weber won theelection for District Court Judge and Judge Jack Burchard had tried to placeJudge Rawson into the Superior Court Commissioners position, I would be just asoutraged (but the real question is: Would Judge Burchard had even consideredappointing Judge Rawson if he had lost?) I truly doubt it.

The fact that Judge Burchard finds nothing wrongwith the fact that he would assign the opponent; who lost the election; in theposition of the Superior Court Commissioner, which is exactly what Judge Rawsonwas elected to do, scares me. What is his true agenda for Mr. Weber? 

I must say that these are strictly my commentsand opinions.

I don’t believe the voters of this countyare aware of any of the things going on in the courthouse and if I orsomeone with the knowledge of what is going on never came forward, then thefact is that most of the voters would be left in the dark. The fact that I am alegal secretary, which is probably the only way I would have known what isgoing on; should not matter. It would probably never come to light if itwasn’t for a concerned citizen as myself. I have nothing to gain from this andeverything to lose in coming forward, but feel very strongly regarding thissituation. If anyone wants to accuse me of being biased, well so be it, butmaybe that voter should step back and think of the fact that the voters wereclear on whom they voted for as their judge. Not who they want as theirpart-time Judge.

[On Dec. 6] the current Judges held a budgetmeeting with the county commissioners and failed to invite Judge Rawson. A phone call to our office was received by someone who ask why Judge Rawsonwas not in that meeting and how surprised they were to not see him there. Our(secretary’s) response was we weren’t aware of the meeting.

 I am wondering why such a meeting would beheld for the next year’s budget and not include the new judge who would betaking over for the retiring judge (David Edwards) who we were told waspresent.

Correct me if I am wrong, but the winner of theDistrict Court Judges race was to take over for retiring Judge Edwards and thefact that Judge Edwards was one of the Superior Court Commissioners along withis District Court duties is in fact exactly what we voted for. Whether thevoters knew exactly what duties were to be done by the winner, I am sure thethought processes was that whomever won would take on the duties of JudgeEdwards. 

So, as a concerned voter I would like a fewquestions answered.

The fact that a candidate must pay 1% of thethen annual salary to run for the chosen position; which Judge Rawson had done;why wasn’t the  Auditor’s office informed by the Superior Court Judge thathe was going to have the new District Court Judge serve only in a part-timeposition capacity, prior to the fees being paid?  Which in JudgeBurchard’s own statement, he changed the rule before the filing in June, butleft out the fact that it was changed three weeks after Judge Rawson announcedhe was going to run against Mr. Weber (file stamped in the Okanogan CountyCourt 3/24/2010)

 I also would like to know, since JudgeBurchard commented on the steep learning curve and made the insinuation thatJudge Rawson does not have the background to handle such a court docket, wheredid Judge Burchard get his training and where did Rick Weber ever sit on abench as a Judge before 2006?

In my investigation I have found that JudgeBurchard has been a Superior Court Judge since 1992 and the only experience hehad to fall back on was his Municipal Judgeship in the city court which I amunable to find; even on his bio; out the number of years he served in that position.I would bet it is not anywhere near the 17 years that Judge Rawson has servedas a Municipal Court Judge and the fact that Judge Rawson has also been asuccessful attorney in the Okanogan Valley for more than 34 years. It is in myopinion more than enough experience and certainly more than Mr. Weber.

Also, I have noticed that there has been no comment made byMr. Weber regarding all that is happening. What kind of integrity does itshow that a man would blatantly ignore such an issue or even place himself insuch a position to just ignore what is going on? The voters have spoken and thefact that Judge Burchard and Mr. Weber would just snub their nose at this is atravesty.

A very concerned voter,

Sandra Taylor


Cowles agrees with Lindstrom

Recently Mark Lindstrom opined (“Tell the Troops") howunjustified our governments wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are. I happen to agreewith him but for different reasons. Our troops are courageous but the missionis flawed. We can never win a war trying to save these Muslim barbarians fromthemselves and it is not worth one American brave soldier trying to do it. Weshould bring all the troops home tomorrow. Why do you think that Obama doesn’tdo just that, like he promised? Mark spews out a miasma of emotional stuffto make that simple point. Mark decries both Democrat and Republicangovernments and mostly the “military/industrial complex” for these and otherwars. That is correct. However if Mark wants to dig a little deeper to discoverthe real villains that are pulling the puppeteers strings behind the scene heshould raise his sights a little higher and discover the internationalmoney trust organizations who control governments and the “military/industrialcomplex.” You must remember two important things that you will not find on anyof the fact check sites like Snopes: 1. Always follow the dollar to understandthe motive; 2. Many things are not always as they seem or reported.

The international banking cartels are the money force behindwhat governments and the military/industrial complex does. Most people areunaware of this because they do not understand the economic relationship theyhave with government actions. I suggest to Mark Lindstrom that he investigatethe following:

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), The TriLateral Commission, The essence of the Federal Reserve (which is neitherfederal or a reserve), the Warburgs, the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, theBilderburgs and five or six related organizations that control internationalbanking and money trusts. Why would both Republican and Democrat governmentsget into wars that benefit the international money trusts and not ourcountry? This cartel is behind what is going on and they have been behindpresidential assassinations since Andrew Jackson and all the wars since thecivil war. This is a very powerful outfit whose influence supersedes allpresidents, Democrat or Republican. They are the “Wizard of OZ” behind thecurtain pulling the strings? It is suspected that JFK was assassinated becausehe wanted to do away with the Federal Reserve. Lee Harvey Oswald was a strawman. Any president who attempts this will meet the same fate. Presidentialcandidate Ron Paul advocates this. History is replete with events tosupport this thesis, it is just not reported in the “lame stream media.”The Federal Reserve is made up of a group of foreign private bankers. It wassneaked into law when the Congress was out of session and President WoodrowWilson signed it into law, thereby abdicating Americas’ sovereign controlover it’s economy and giving it to this international cartel of private bankinginstitutions/families. The Jews are not in control of this like manyanti-Semites would have you believe.

  Mark, you lament that the Democrats andRepublicans are doing the same things and in some respects I agree with you.However, it is not as mysterious as you seem to think, there is a reasonfor it. I have given you a thumbnail sketch of who/what is behind it andpulling the strings unseen. There is a whole lot more to understand but spacehere is not available. I suggest you open up your search to hit thereal (hidden) target and stop shooting arrows at the obvious straw menthat this money trust cartel has set up to cover their activities. If you don’tbelieve me then check it out for yourself and don’t rely on Snopes to doyour thinking for you. 

The goal of this cartel is control of the global economy andforming a one-world government. Henry Kissinger and Zbignew Brizenski are majorplayers in this effort. It is a lot more complex, pervasive and threatening toour liberty than you can imagine.

Editor’s comments welcome as usual.

Bill Cowles